Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Special Birthday Surprise

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which is awesome because chances are I'll have a final exam when it falls on a weekday. U__U So this time I got to sleep in and bum it out all morning! As it got late, I started getting ready because Take-chan told me we were going to have dinner at a nice restaurant. ♥ Then lo and behold, I walked in and realized that it wasn't going to be just the two of us. All of my family and friends were there! It was such a lovely surprise. ^__^

Tried a different combo of lashes that night. Inspired by the make-up in Happie Nuts! ♥

Went to Lazy Dog with Take-chan and some of my co-workers afterwards.

On a side note, I'm leaving for Japan in exactly a week! I'm really excited because I'll get to experience New Year's with Take-chan and his family. I'll also be there in time for the big sales at Shibuya 109! Hopefully I can snag a few fukubukuro. ^__^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Finally done with this crazy semester! T__T I don't think I've ever studied so hard and so consistently ever in my life, and it's not going to get any easier. Once this winter break is over, I won't have anymore breaks until I finish the MLT program. I'll be doing clinicals and taking a class or two over the summer, and I'll probably be doing my last clinical during winter break of next year. U__U

So anyways... This past Thanksgiving, I went with my family up to San Francisco to spend it with our relatives. While we were there, I got to do a photoshoot! Here are some of my favorite shots:

It might not look like it, but I was freezing my butt off! And it just so happened to be reeeally windy that day. My eyes were even tearing up at one point because I was trying to keep them open for each shot. U__U Anywho, thank you so much to my uncle for taking the photos! :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ShibuyaLA Grand Opening Party

Sorry for the multiple posts! ^__^; I was having some trouble with Blogger and Disqus... So anyways, ShibuyaLA had their grand opening party hosted by Kimimela about two weeks ago, and now I'm finally going to post about it! I know all of my posts have been so outdated lately, but it's been really difficult to update because of school. My clinicals have also started, so I'm even busier than before... T__T Anywho, let's just move on to the photos from the party! xD

One of the two gorgeous posters that Michi made. She's so talented! ♥

This is actually ShibuyaLA's second store, except that this particular one sells only underwear and pajamas.

The shop's design is really cute! The front part has an "outside" feel to it. It had this mailbox, a welcome sign, light posts, and even a bench, all on a tiled floor.

And then there's the "inner portion" that showcases all the cute and sexy underwear. :3 If you look closely, you'll notice that the carpet is pink leopard print! *__*

I also finally got my hands on these lashes that day! I was dying to try them out after seeing them being advertised all over the magazines...

... And I absolutely loved them! :D These are my favorite lashes right now. ♥

Me, Nana, and Michi! We came together and had lunch before setting up for the party.

They're such cuties! :3

Then my lovely Marissa arrived! She looked perfect as usual. xD

It was actually my first time meeting Nana that day. She's so sweet!

And then June came along. :3

Strike a pose! xD

More gals kept arriving! xD This time it's the lovely Steph. ♥

And of course, Marie Amy!

Transformation! ♥ Once things were set up and more people started arriving, I changed into my outfit for the night. Michi also fixed up my hair so that I had twisties! :3

Finally got to wear my Golds Infinity dress for the first time! ♥ It's different from my normal style, but I really like it! ^__^

Hiromi came too! :D

One of the many group photos we took that night. So many lovely gals! I met a lot of new people and saw tons of old friends. ♥

June is just too adorable. I want to pinch her cheeks! :3

Can't forget my Take-chan! He's always there to support me, and I'm so grateful for that. ♥

With Tiffany and Kelly, the lovely ladies of Hime Style!

With Greg, Del, and Michi of Tune in Tokyo. They're the ones that make these events possible. Thank you so much, guys!

Mandie and Oli arrive to the party lookin' super cute!

Gals everywhere! From left to right: Emy, Grace, me, and Essy. ♥

Got to meet Alice for the first time too! :3

As well as Thu!

And I also met Anz Falcon! Man, I'm on a roll... Who's next? xD

Purin and Momoko too?! So many lovely ladies at this party! I'm really happy that I got to see each and every one of them. ^__^

And last but not least, a lovely group shot by Ben! Be sure to check out his amazing photos from the party. ^__^

Stay tuned for the next event! ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Japanese Summer Festival

Long time no blog! ^__^; So here's what's been going on in my life lately... Take-chan and I decided to eat lunch at Mitsuwa a couple weekends back, and to our surprise, there was a summer festival going on in the parking lot! xD Had I known about it in advance, I would've taken the time to put on my yukata. U__U

Absolutely gorgeous weather that day. Super excited for the festival! ♥

They had this really funky band playing when we got there. I loved every song they performed! Really good songs to lock to... In fact, Take-chan started locking in front of the stage because nobody else wanted to dance! xD

Green tea to quench our thirst.

The okonomiyaki was so good! *__* ♥

More green tea! xD This time in shaved ice form with sweet azuki beans on top. SUCH a good combination!

They were selling so many different masks! I've never had one before, so Take-chan bought me a Chopper mask. ♥ He got the Goku one... xD

Take-chan putting for a prize! The consolation prizes were so good. One pack of Hi-Chew for every game you play! *__*

Another one of the many games we played... I don't know what this one is called, but you basically have to go fishing and hook onto one of the water-filled balloons without your string breaking.

I thought I would fail miserably, but I managed to snag two! :D

We also got these adorable matching Stitch plushies, and their attire was quite appropriate for the festivities going on that day! :3

I also ran into this really sweet girl that recognized me from my blog! xD I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to post the photo I took with you, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming up to me and saying hello! It really made me happy and it motivates me to blog more often! ^__^ ♥

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Geo Lenses & Travel Kit Case Giveaway Winner

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway sponsored by Shoppingholics! :D Using a random number generator, Julie Doll has been chosen as the lucky winner! I will be sending an e-mail shortly... To everyone else, please be sure to stay tuned for future giveaways! ♥

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sponsored Giveaway - One Pair of Geo Lenses & Travel Kit Case

Hello, everyone! :D I've been doing a number of reviews for circle lenses lately, so now it's time to do a small giveaway! Shoppingholics was kind enough to sponsor a pair of Geo lenses and a cute lens travel kit case for one of my followers. Please take the time to join! It's really easy!

What You Get
❤ One pair of Geo lenses (your choice) from Shoppingholics
❤ Contact lens travel kit case - Pink mouse ears

❤ This giveaway is open internationally.
❤ If you are under 18, please get permission from your parents before entering.
❤ You must be a public follower of my blog to participate.
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How To Enter
❤ Become a public follower of my blog and comment on this post with your name and e-mail address. That's it! :D

The deadline is Thursday, September 1, 2011 @ 21:00 PST!

Thank you very much for entering and good luck! ^__^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sponsored Review - Geo Love WT-A02 Circle Lenses in Blue

I meant to post this before I left for Vegas last week, but I ended up packing super last minute! U__U So without further ado, here is my way overdue review! xD These lenses were sponsored by Shoppingholics. ♥ I decided to go with something different this time, so I chose a less popular style of lenses in a color I've never worn.

Geo Love WT-A02 Circle Lenses in Blue
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Like last time, the lenses came in a cute little box with a really cute animal case!

Out of all the circle lenses I've worn, this color is probably the most vibrant. I was really curious to see how it would look like on me! xD

Close-up in natural lighting. So pretty! They kinda look like crystals. :3

They really make your eyes pop. *__*

I love how these lenses look in natural lighting. ♥

And here's a close-up with flash. It's super blue! ... Maybe too much.

I think they make me look pretty scary... U__U

With flash again.

Color & Style: ★★★★☆
Comfort: ★★★★★
Enlarging Effect: ★★★★★

These lenses are a really gorgeous and vibrant shade of blue! Personally it's too much for me, but these are perfect for your more dramatic looks and cosplaying! I really wish I had these when I was Hatsune Miku at AX 2011. xD Since I don't wear dramatic make-up too often, I probably won't wear these that much. They're still really pretty, though! And another awesome thing is how extremely comfortable they are! I honestly think that they're the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn. ^__^

Another thing I love about Geo lenses that I always have to mention is the ability to check their authenticity on the official website. It's really easy to do! You just have to scratch off the "anti-fake" sticker on each individual lens bottle, and input that number into their forgery checking system.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my review, and thanks again to Shoppingholics for sponsoring me! ^__^

Bonus! Here's my coordinate for that day. I watched Harry Potter with Take-chan, so I wore my shirt that says "Keep calm and join Dumbledore's army." xD