Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exploring Tokyo: Shibuya, Harajuku, & Shinjuku

After a fun-filled day in Shibuya, I just had to go back the next morning! I wanted to really scrutinize all of the different stores in 109, and I totally lucked out! While we were at Liz Lisa, Take-chan spotted something. "Hey, isn't that a lucky bag?" I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was (and one of the suitcases at that)! I was sure that they were all sold out by then. However, Nan-chan explained that there were a few leftovers in other stores, so they sent them to the 109 store. There were only three! I was so happy to get one for myself! xD

おはよございます! On the way to the train station.

How cute! Matching fur jackets. Guess where they're headed... Same place as me! xD

After shopping for a few hours, we stuffed all of the shopping bags in a locker and started heading towards Harajuku. On the way, Take-chan got a shiny new letterman varsity jacket to match the one I was wearing from W♥C! (´▽`) Once we reached Harajuku, we bumped into Harry, one of our friends from Cali! He's currently going to school in Japan, so it was really nice to see him again. ^__^ After making plans to meet each other later, Take-chan and I parted with Harry and checked out a few shops before reaching Takeshita Dori. I would've taken more photos, but there were just too many people! We started to feel pretty claustrophobic, and we ended up not staying too long.

Heading towards Harajuku! It was freezing, but it felt so good to walk.

Stopped at a famous kabob place.

The biggest Korilakkuma I've ever seen! *__* Its head is so big that it's sagging off its body. xD

Kiiroitori! Is it too heavy for you, Take-chan? :3

Stopped to eat even more food! This takoyaki smelled way too good to pass up. There was also a long line, so you know it had to be awesome.

And it totally was! Best takoyaki I've ever had. *__* ♥

Finally reached Takeshita Dori in Harajuku!

Cosplay for doggies? This Asuka costume is way too cute! (´▽`)

Later on, we met up with two of Take-chan's high school friends for a dance session in Shinjuku, the same place we were meeting up with Harry. xD There's a certain office building that has tons of windows surrounding it, and a lot of dancers go there just to practice. It was so cold, though! (゚д゚) I don't how everyone could withstand it. Every time Take-chan would take off a layer, I'd put it on to keep myself warm! T__T

Killing some time at an arcade in Shinjuku before meeting up with Take-chan's friends.

Score! :D

More UFO Catcher goodies! Thanks, Take-chan! ♥

We also took purikura! ♥ This machine was my favorite while in Japan. It doesn't make your eyes look too big, and it automatically separates the stickers for each person! We don't have anything like that in Cali. xD Anywho, I'll be posting all the purikura I took separately since my scanner's not working at the moment. U.U

Saw this familiar sight while heading towards the practice spot. So pretty! ♥

Harry introduced us to his lockin' buddies! Even though we just met them, they were incredibly nice to us!

And that was pretty much our day. ^__^ After eating dinner, we had to go back to Shibuya to get all of the shopping bags from earlier and then head home. Tomorrow was going to be an early day...


  1. Lovely photos!

    Love your outfit that you wear and Kiiroitori! <3


  2. You are just SOO cute ♥
    Love these photos, I feel like I'm getting a tour of Tokyo xD
    And all the little guys in the UFO catchers are so cute! but I heard its so hard to win something from them >.<

  3. Wow, what luck to get the LL lucky pack! I love your jacket, so cute!

  4. love the site!!!

  5. You're so cute T -T ♥
    Must of been so amazing to shop there.

  6. I'm so jealousssss !! I really want to go to japan one day =[ but i'm happy that you had a great time xD love your outfit !! so cute =D

  7. Aww everything looks great!! You and Take-chan are SOOO cute!! You make me wanna go back to Tokyo TwT !!!

  8. Raspberry Jam - Thanks! xD

    Eden - Awww, that's so nice to hear! I'm really glad that you're enjoying the photos. ^__^ And yeah, it's pretty hard to win stuff... That's why I let Take-chan take my turns. xD

    Mandie - Thanks! :D Lucky indeed, even just to set eyes on it.

    In Palace - Thank you for visiting! :D

    Lorina - Thanks! ♥ After shopping in Japan, I don't really feel like shopping anywhere else anymore... U.U

    Elisa - Thank you! ^__^ Just keep working towards it and you will eventually reach your goal of visiting Japan!

    Suteisi - Awww, thanks! :3 You should go back! And then I'll get to see all of your photos. ♥

  9. i've never seen such a high-tech purikura booth before! i have all these old booths where i am lol. did you end up getting the giant korilakkuma? it's so huggable and cute but i can't imagine carrying that in a luggage XD
    wow take-chan is so good at the ufo catcher game! whenever i go to arcades, i always see people spend so much time on those machines and failing ><
    cute outfit, it's adorable that you two are matching :3 and the takoyaki looks so yummy~

  10. Ohhh look at you!! You look so cute and that cap you're wearing! suits you soo well! <3

    And the stuff toy you guys won!!! <33

    its nice meeting new friends, at first its kinda shy and awkward but later on you'll discover that they're just as awesome!
    Hoooo, now Im totall jealous..... :3

    /you mentioned that you were very little when you visited enchanted you've been here in PH? :D:D

  11. NONE of my big-ass dogs would EVER fit in a costume that tiny XD haha! It's such a cute idea to make your dog cosplay tho.. if it's a small, bald dog that is.

  12. What exacatly is " takoyaki "?

  13. Oohh, you look so cute >w<!!
    and i love your w*c varsity :D
    omo, giant r-kuma, i'm so jelly XD

  14. Tricia!!!

    I'm so sad we couldn't meet again before you left!! But I'm glad you had a wonderful time here in Tokyo! Was is the first time for you in Tokyo? I've been here so often that it feels already like home, everytime I'm here, haha. Hope we have the chance to meet again!

  15. In all the pics you look really cute *.*
    You a great time there!!!
    I wantto see the purikuras XD

  16. What great photos, you are looking so cute in every one of them! I often think I should take photos of myself doing things in Japan, but then when I look at the photos late I decide it was a bad idea haha!!

    There are certain days I will not go to Harajuku, you were so brave to go there during the holidays XD Actually the Liz Lisa on Takeshita seems to be one of the stores that has left over fukubukuro, atleast I saw unsold ones there these past couple of years.

    Oh it was so nice of your BF to win you the really cute UFO prize XD

  17. You look so cute! What would you call that style? It really suits you.

    XD you've totally trained Frank for a shopping eye...... GOOD WORK XD

  18. Looked like so much fun! I wish they had that purikura machine here T_T

  19. oh you are just the cutest gal ever! I'm glad you had fun, looks like a very tiring yet fulfilling day! I love your outfit and the crane prizes of course! lolol and congrats with your lucky bag!! :>

  20. i wish i can go there shop!! you look like ur having a lot of fun

  21. Emi - Oh man, I was so amazed at that machine! I'm always OCD about cutting my purikura perfectly, so I was really happy when they came out already cut in half. ♥ And sadly, I didn't get the giant Korilakkuma... I would've had to buy its own plane ticket! xD

    Yapo - Awww, thanks! ^__^ And yeah, I thought that they would feel a little awkward since I was just sitting there and watching them practice, but they didn't mind at all!

    Line - LOL! That'd be funny if they had different sizes. A huge dog wearing a costume would be quite a sight to see! xD

    Rocking Doll Museum - Takoyaki is basically fried octopus. I know it probably sounds a bit weird, but it's very delicious! :D

    Super Rabbit - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Thanh Thao - I'm sad about that too! I wish I had more time in Japan... There were still so many people I wanted to hang out with and things I wanted to do. T__T I'm really glad that I was able to meet you, though! And yes, it was my first time in Japan. ♥ We definitely must meet again somehow!

    Aiko - Thank you! :3 And I really wanna post my purikura too, but my stupid scanner isn't working!

    Sara Mari - Awww, thank you so much! ^__^ And I really do hope that you post more photos of your experiences in Japan with you in them! You're so adorable and gorgeous at the same time. ♥ But wow, I had no idea that Harajuku would get that crowded! When they started doing a time sale at Liz Lisa, I got stuck in the back of the store because too many people were inside! D:

    Val - Hee hee... Thanks! :3 And I really have no idea what this style would be called. If anything, something reminiscent of Cocolulu but without so much color? And yeah, I totally brainwashed him... *evil laugh* xD

    Katie - Thank you! :D

    Dolly - Seriously! I'm so tired of cutting them and then feeling sad that they came out crooked. U.U

    Saving Capulet - How sweet of you! Thanks so much! ^__^

    Bunny - I'm sure that one day you'll be able to shop there too! :D

  22. Omg, that first picture of you looks like a street snap! You look so cute! :D I love that you're rockin a fitted hat!!!

  23. You look super gorgeous!!!
    I really like your style ^^ (I ordered the same WC jacket awhile ago, can't wait to get it! ^^)
    All your pictures are so beautiful! ❤

  24. I'm so jealous! I really want to visit Japan one day. That takoyaki looks so delish! :9

  25. Great entry!
    so interesting, nd super cute pics =)
    I like your outfit, informal but pretty pretty ~~

    I follow youu!! =D

  26. ahwww i want to visit this rilakkuma store too! so cuteee *_*
    btw: you're really pretty ❤

  27. Cool blog! =D & very cute photos. <3 I love varsity jackets. =3

  28. super lovely outfit, i like how it's casual but still still so cute! ♥ those takoyakis look yummyyy... *q*

  29. Hey sweety! Omg you are such a cute girl, I love you! And thank you for your sweet comment! x3 <3 I'm so happy I had the chance to meet a nice girl like you :D And the pictures are great! You had a lot of fun, ne! :) omg, and I love pinklatte :D

    Yeah sadly my post won't change the personality of any people, but if only ONE girl will change her attitude through my entry, I would be happy! :D

  30. awww i love this style on you too, i didn't know w<3c had jackets like those, it's sooo cute!! definitely look cute with that hat! you're always photogenic, sooo lucky! and takoyaki, omg that is my favorite !!! *drool* and i love those bears, what are the character names? cant wait to see all the purikura you took!

  31. Lani - It does? Hee hee... Thanks! :D

    Besa - Thank you, honey! And I'm looking forward to seeing photos of you wearing the W♥C jacket!

    Cindii - Awww, don't be! You will surely get to visit Japan one day. ^__^

    Miyuni - I'm glad that you like my outfit! :3 And I followed you back!

    M - Thank you so much! :D

    Chelsea - Thanks for looking! ♥

    Chinsa - Awww, thank you! xD I really wanted to try wearing it with a skirt, but it was just too cold for me that day. U.U

    Luisa - Anytime, honey! You are such a sweet girl, and I'd hate to see someone bring you down. I'm also glad I was able to meet you! Next time let's take purikura together, ne? ^__^

    Janis - I think the W♥C jackets are new! :3 But I don't think I'm all that photogenic... I just know how to choose the photos I look best in! xD I hope that one day we can share takoyaki in Japan together! Especially since it's your favorite. ♥ And as for the bears, do you mean the ones we got from the UFO catchers? I don't think they have a character name... I'm guessing they're an imitation of Duffy. U.U

  32. You're soo cute!♪(´ε` )

  33. You look BEYOND adorable and so lively & fun!

  34. It must be nice to live in California. You have much luck.

  35. Katie - Awww, thanks! :3

    Jenny - Thank you so much! ♥

    Kurumi - Yes, I'm very lucky that my parents decided to move here! We used to live in Virginia, and it's nothing like California. U.U

  36. Oh Tricia you are the most beautiful cutest person on earth *.* >w< <3 <3 <3 <3!!!


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