Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diamond Gals on NTV!

Do you remember the secret appointment that I mentioned not too long ago? Well here it is: Diamond Gal Circle featured on NTV's Sekai no Kuchikomi Atsumemashita (Rumors From Around the World)! (´▽`) I was so nervous about how the final cut would look, but I think it turned out pretty good! Our segment mainly covered our "gal circle code." Just a quick disclaimer before you watch it, though... A lot of the dialogue was translated incorrectly, but you can kind of make out what we're actually saying if you listen carefully. xD Here's the video:

I've also included some screenshots with translations below! A big thanks to Grace and Mie for spending hours to actually find the video, and to my Take-chan for providing the translations! ♥

We are going to introduce an interesting rumor from a gal group in California. In the area of Los Angeles appears to be... California gals inspired by Japanese gal culture (Galifornia).

"Hello! I'm Krystina, the leader of this group!"

"In Los Angeles, there are a few groups that make gal circles and are still active. Today, our Galifornia rumor is that we want to show our love for Japan ('Japan Love')."

First, the gals introduced their club room. When you see them from behind, they look Japanese.
"This is our club room, and we call it 'Shibuya.'"
1. They call their club room Shibuya.
2. Gal goods are purchased at Little Tokyo. (Japanese doll?)
3. They consider Ageha and PopSister their bibles.
"We buy them at Little Tokyo and study Japanese gals from the magazines."

"Why did you want to become a gal?"
Val: "The first time I saw gal fashion, I was shocked. That cuteness can only be in Japan!"
It seems that their inspiration comes from... Tsubasa (Masuwaka)!
4. Tsubasa is considered to be a god or queen.

Mandie: "These are my favorite eyelashes from Tsubasa! Just looking at the eyelashes makes me happy."
Mie: "This is Tsubasa’s eye shadow and mascara. I want to be like Tsubasa, so I put them on all the time."

"Tricia, we are Tsubasa for life! Do you understand the importance of this? Your hair is not sticking out! Please fix it right now!"

5. Hair should always be sticking out moru (poofy).
"We have to always be fashionable or we will not be considered as Galifornia."

"What do you think? Doesn't it look good?"
"Wow, it really looks great!"

The gals wanted to show the Japanese something. They arrived in the middle of a downtown Los Angeles shopping mall. What's going to happen?
Val: "Are you guys ready?"
Is it what we think it is...? Para para?
"No way!"

"This gal is not dancing. Does she even remember it?"

Val: "Stop, stop, stop! Mie, did you practice the moves?"
Mie: "That's what I think I'm doing..."
Val: "Tsubasa might be watching this! It's a disgrace!"
Mie: "I'm just a little bit nervous!"
Val: "You are a disgrace to Galifornia!"
6. They are aware that they are on Japanese television.
Michi: "Just calm down, you two. I can't believe we are fighting over this. What if this whole segment is being aired in Japan? I can’t believe this."

"We are trying to impress Tsubasa, and our leader feels pressure because of that. Our leader probably loves gal more than any of us. She's just really intense when it comes to leading the group."

One hour later... "Okay! We got to our favorite spot! Yoshigyu! We heard that Tsubasa eats here too."
7. After an argument, they go to Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya is very popular in Los Angeles.

8. Beef bowl with extra juice is the best!
Even in the receipt, it says "extra juice." In Los Angeles, you can experience the taste of Japan. After putting a lot of assorted pepper... "Itadakimasu!"

Val: "After eating a beef bowl, I feel that our argument was stupid, Mie. I'm sorry I said harsh things to you."
Mie: "It's okay. Let's work on the para para so we can perfect it together." Val: "We need to study more on the Japanese gal culture so we can show good things to Tsubasa!"

The staff says, "Um... Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are only a few Japanese gal circles in Japan, and they're not that popular."

"Did you like our rumor? Please judge!"

"It made me happy to know that Japan is being accepted by many."
"I know! All you need to put is a host club near Yoshinoya, and it's completely Japan."
"I really want to bring them to Shibuya."
"Oh my gosh, that's a brilliant idea!"
"What if we bring them to Shibuya and out of nowhere, Tsubasa runs in to see them?"
"Wow, sounds like so much fun! I would love to see that."

Bonus! Here's a photo of us with the guys from NTV. Since we pretty much spent the whole day together, it was kinda sad to part ways with them!

Another bonus! ♥ Michi compiled a video of her own to show what really happened behind the scenes. xD

And just to clear any misunderstandings...
1. The show portrayed us as "Galifornia," but our gal circle is Diamond! Val even said it at the beginning, but her voice was dubbed.
2. Val isn't the leader (nobody is), and she's not scary at all in real life. xD
3. Mandie isn't a part of Diamond, but she was our very special guest. ^__^ ♥
4. Most of us don't actually dance para para.
5. The fight between Mie and Val was staged.
6. That was our first time eating Yoshinoya.

So all in all, it wasn't the most accurate representation of us, but we still had a lot of fun! :3 Also, Tsubasa tweeted about us! She says she wants to meet one day! *__* ♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Touring Kyoto: Part 2

Holy cow! The response I've gotten so far with my giveaway is astounding. In just two days, I received almost 150 comments and over 100 new followers! *__* That's something I definitely wasn't expecting. Thank you so much, everyone, for participating and helping me promote my giveaway! I'm thinking of shortening the deadline to increase everyone's chances of winning...

In the meantime, I'm gonna go into the second half of my Kyoto tour. I hope that you guys enjoy the photos! (´▽`)

Our first stop after eating lunch was Heian Jingu Shrine. It's customary to wash your hands here before entering.

If you're looking at the shrine's entrance and you turn around, you'll see this amazing shrine gate arching over the road. I believe it's the biggest one in Japan!

This is the outer sanctuary.

One of the many gorgeous look-outs surrounding the premises.

Behind the outer sanctuary, there's this beautiful garden. The building in this photo is Shobi-kan.

Sitting on Taihei-kaku, a bridge that crosses over the water.

Here's a better view of Taihei-kaku... So pretty! *__* ♥

On the way back to the tour bus, Take-chan tied my fortune for me. I got the best one! (´▽`)

Next stop was Sanjusangen-do, which houses 1001 statues of Kannon. In the center of the main hall is an amazingly huge wooden statue of Kannon, accompanied by 500 human-sized ones on each side. *__* It was kinda scary, but also very beautiful. ♥ Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos out of respect for the gods, so I can only show you this photo of what the building looks like from the outside. Please visit their website to see beautiful photos of the actual statues!

The sun was beginning to set, and our last stop was Kiyomizu Temple. On the way up the hill, we bumped into these pretty girls wearing their kimonos for Seijin no Hi. It's basically a coming of age day for those who have reached the age of 20.

The hill had many small shops on the way to the temple.

Can you believe this is just a gate?

Almost there... Look at how small the woman is compared to this structure! xD

We finally reached the entrance of Kiyomizu Temple. What's amazing about this national treasure is that it sits on a steep hill, and if you jumped off the balcony, it'd be about a 13 meter drop! (゚д゚) And here's the craziest part: Not a single nail was used to build this entire structure! *__* How is it even standing?!

There's me and Take-chan standing on the balcony with our tour guide. She was so sweet!

In the small building behind me, they were selling tons of fortunes and charms. Take-chan and I got love charms. ♥

And then we prayed here...

As we were getting ready to head back to the hotel, we caught this breathtaking sunset.

I couldn't help but go into this shop to snap a quick photo. The decorations were just too cute! :3

Kyoto Tower all lit up. ♥

And of course, the beautiful view of the city lights from our hotel room. :3

Despite the extremely cold weather, it was all worth it! I really loved seeing this side of Japan. ♥

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tricia Isabela's First Giveaway

It's my very first giveaway! ^__^ I can't thank you all enough for reading and commenting my blog, so this is the least I can do. ♥

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The deadline is Sunday, March 6, 2011 @ 21:00 PST!

Thank you very much for entering and good luck! ^__^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diamond Gals in LA

Last Saturday, I met up with my Diamond Gals for a top secret appointment. xD Even though it was tiring to walk all over Los Angeles in heels, we had a lot of fun! I really love spending time with them. ♥ So for now I'll leave you with some photos! This is what I wore:

Some of the new Liz Lisa stuff I brought back from Japan! (´▽`)
Top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: Liz Lisa

I miss wearing these Dolly Wink bottom lashes! I've been kinda lazy lately and have been resorting to Dolly Wink #5 because everything is on one strip and easy to apply. xD

All of the Diamond Gals together! From left to right: Val, Michi, me, Dolly, and Mie! ♥

Mandie was also there as our special guest! Sadly, this is the only photo I have with her. T__T

Me and Dolly! I have no idea why we're bending since we're both shorties... xD

Val and Michi are hot and sexy as usual... ♥

Dolly again and Mie lookin' fierce! :3

If Diamond had a hand sign, this would be it! xD

And last but not least, what I ate for lunch: Udon and vegetable tempura with brown rice. Yay for healthy food! ^__^

Stay tuned for more posts about my trip to Japan and details about my upcoming giveaway! I really want to thank everyone who's been reading and commenting on my blog. ♥