Monday, January 17, 2011

Shibuya 109 & Big Gyaru Me2

Hello, everyone! I'm sad to say that I'm back from Japan, but I had the most amazing time! (´▽`) Take-chan and I only spent about 10 days there, so we tried to visit lots of different places. It might've been too much because my poor Take-chan got sick while we were in Kyoto (probably from fatigue and the extremely cold weather). U.U But luckily, he had a speedy recovery! ♥

So my first impression of Japan: Nostalgic. Even though I've never been to Japan until that moment, there was something about Tokyo that felt so familiar and made me feel that this is where I belong. Plus the warm welcome and hospitality from Take-chan and his loving family made me feel right at home. In fact, I wouldn't have been able to go to Japan in the first place if it weren't for them! So for that, I'm very grateful... ♥ I even got two separate gifts from his parents and grandma for New Year's! All of which I spent at Shibuya 109, of course. xD

The day after we arrived in Japan was Big Gyaru Me2, and I had no intention of letting jet lag stop me. xD In a way, the jet lag sort of helped because I was able to wake up extremely early to get ready. I also got some shopping done before meeting up with the other gals.

Take-chan's dad was very generous to drive and drop us off right in front of Shibuya 109. It was the last day of 7 Days Bargain!

About to enter gyaru heaven... xD

First stop: Liz Lisa! This is Nan-chan, the sweetest shop staff ever! (´▽`) She helped me so much, making my first shopping experience at 109 very enjoyable. ♥

She's so cute!!! I just had to snag her outfit! I bought the same coat and boots that she was wearing. ♥

Next stop was W♥C. It was so crowded in there! (゚д゚) I'm lucky I was able to snap a photo with this shop staff. Unfortunately, I didn't get to ask her for her name.

In front of W♥C! The mannequins' hands move slowly as if they're playing the drums. Take-chan thought it was so amusing. xD

Taking a break at SBY. Their treats are really yummy! ^__^

I felt bad that Take-chan was carrying all of my shopping bags, but he kept saying that it was fine. Thanks, baby! ♥

This is one of the shop staff from Golds Infinity. I totally snagged her outfit too... U.U The gals in 109 sure know their marketing!

After shopping, Take-chan and I went back to the entrance to meet all the gals for Big Gyaru Me2. I was very surprised to see a camera crew there! Little did I know that it was NHK's Tokyo Kawaii TV! (゚д゚) I'm so bad in front of video cameras... I must've said a lot of embarrassing things. U.U

With my Diamond sister Bambi and her pretty friend Heather. ^__^

I can't believe I met Sara Mari! She is hands down one of the sweetest gals I know, and she's absolutely gorgeous (just like in her photos)! ♥ A big thanks to her for organizing the meet!

More awesome bloggers! xD Bloomzy on the left and Lou on the right. ♥

Group photo! Look at how cute Sara Mari is! :3

After filming in 109, we met up with more gals and headed over to Eggnam for purikura. Here I am with the beautiful Theresa! Isn't her hair amazing? *__*

I also met Nicola and her lovely friend Katja! :3

And last but not least, Thanh Thao! She is so sweet. ^__^

Inside of Eggnam. It was nice that it wasn't so crowded!

Even their trash can is all glammed up. xD

Another group shot! This time with Tokyo Kawaii TV's camera crew. ^__^

After purikura, the camera crew treated us all to karaoke and non-alcoholic beverages! xD I sat at the same table as Charlotte and Rox. They sang YMCA! It was so much fun! :3 These two lovely ladies also helped organize the meet. Thank you both so much! ♥

Shiena was there too!

She was helping me find the song I wanted to sing. She must've done it about three different times because we couldn't figure out what version it was! I didn't know that there were so many. U.U

Shiena's pretty phone deco. ♥

Our last group photo with everyone! This was taken right outside the karaoke place. I wish there was more time in the day to hang out, but Take-chan and I had to leave. We were going to have an amazing dinner with his family. ♥

We took the train back home. It was my first time riding it! Even though it was crowded, it was a fun experience. ^__^

Sushi feast prepared by Take-chan's mom! She is such an amazing cook. ♥ This is just my plate... Everyone had their own! *__*

Salad. ♥

Apparently these were very expensive! I forgot what they're called, though.

Champagne too?! Man, this dinner kept getting better and better.

And it wasn't just any champagne. ♥

To top it all off, we had macarons for dessert! :3

And I somehow stayed awake for all of this. *__* It was just so much fun! My first full day in Japan was a major success. ♥ Thank you so much, Take-chan, for taking me around!


  1. Oh wow! It looks like you had a good time! And being able to talk w/ people from Tokyo Kawaii tv is amazing! I'm sooooo jelly right now! >3<

  2. Tricia! im very happy you enjoyed your trip to Japan! ah next time I also want to meet you :D :D~

    the other gals are just as fabulous as you!

  3. XD HOW FUN !!! Nice photos, Tricia.
    That fish looks sooooooooooooo good ;0;
    Can't wait to meet everyone. & see you again, of course XD

  4. Im happy that you had a good time in Japan! One day I will go there to ne :P and by the wall I love your outfit! very cute ne!

    xoxo emimarie~

  5. Nami - Luckily they brought a translator along! :3

    Yapo - Awww, you're so sweet! I hope that I can meet you next time too. ^__^

    Val - Thank you! xD I was really wishing that you and the rest of the Diamond Gals were there! I can't even begin to imagine what fun we'd have. See you soon! ♥

    Emi Marie - Thanks, honey! ♥ I can't wait until you visit Japan too! Maybe I'll have a chance to meet you! :3

  6. OMG Tricia it looks like you had the time of your life!

    I'm sure you did loads of shopping, omg cant wait to see your cute outfits asap ♥ haha awww hope your boyfriend got better also!

    Yummy foods, share please!!! omg cant wait to see you now, haha lets go to japan together one day!!

  7. I certainly did! I spent more money than I even had... My poor boyfriend was buying me stuff with his own money! I'm such a spoiled girlfriend. D: But yes, we definitely need to visit Japan together one day! ♥

  8. So jealous * _* I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and had safe trips :] Love all the pictures ♥ You fit right in too! If I didn't know of you I wouldn't of guessed you were from the US x]

  9. Aww Tricia~ I'm so jealous >O<

    I'm glad you had so much fun! Must I mention your look was impeccable that day ;D

  10. First I have to say you and your BF are one of the cutest couples I have ever been luckily enough to meet. You are just lovely, kind and downright beautiful.

    And I'm so glad to hear you had a really wonderful time in Japan. Its great you felt so at home! The first time I went to Japan I felt so out of place and uncomfortable haha

    It's really great you could stay with your BF's family (and I don't blame you for leaving the meetup for that amazing looking food! I went home shortly after you for my friend's homemade food XDD)

    Thank you so much for coming to the meeting, it was really great you came despite jet lag, your presence was great! The pictures you got are so good, thank you for sharing them. I hope we can have the chance to meet again soon someday!

  11. Oh I said great so many times...I need to use a thesaurus apparently haha

  12. You looks so freaking cuteeeeeeeeee I can't wait till the episode comes out :)
    So many people I know lol!

  13. Lorina - LOL! Wow, thanks! I guess I'm doing something right. xD

    Dolly - Awww thanks, Dolly! ^__^

    Sara Mari - You are just a total sweetheart, seriously! :3 I'm the lucky one for being able to meet you, one of my biggest gyaru inspirations. ♥ I'm also lucky that my boyfriend and his family were there to support me, otherwise I probably would've felt uncomfortable due to the language barrier. It seems you've fully adjusted to life in Japan, though! And for that, I'm glad. ^__^ Thanks again for helping organize the meet! I'm really happy that I had the chance to go! We will definitely meet again someday. And by the way, I didn't notice anything weird about your writing at all. Great is a great word! xD

    Shawna - Thank you! :D I'm half excited and half nervous for the episode to come out! I'm just crossing my fingers, hoping that they don't show me saying something stupid. U.U

  14. awwww looks like u had so much FUN!!!!! you gal; look all fab too!!!! next time we r going together!!!!!!!!!! *0*

  15. yay! you put the photos up! :) so exciting to read about your great time in Japan ~ especially gyarume2 and all the clothes shopping at shibuya 109 -- sooo lucky! tricia, you seriously look like you belong .. i agree with lorina, if i didnt know you, i wouldnt have guessed you were from the US! you should have been scouted out for a gyaru magazine! loved this post a lot! cant wait to read more!

  16. you took doll in look *-*
    very pretty girl)

  17. You are so cute ^^
    I should pasta great time in Japan, i want to see all the photos XD

  18. You're so pretty - on every single picture!! ^-^
    I might fly to Tokyo this year, also for the first time. I can't wait *_*

  19. awwww you look so beautiful sweetheart<3 your outfit is so perfect and gorgeous*_* I'm glad to see that you all had a wonderful time at Tokyo:3

  20. looks like so much fun! *o*
    i'm totally jealous, hahaha! :D

    i love your outfit, you look very pretty~!

  21. So many cute pictures! I love your style, it's adorable :) I think everyone looks great. I hope you post many pictures with the stuff you bought! It would have been awesome to go there, but going from Norway is pretty far and expensive :'D

  22. *_____* I really love your pics, you look so sweet ans stylish ever!
    You're an inspiration to me~~♥

  23. Such an awesome post!! Everyone looks great, and I love your outfit! It's good to hear that you weren't uncomfortable coming to Japan. Your bf's family sounds soo sweet!

  24. i can see that you had an awesome time there =D i really love the photos ^^ loving the phone deco =D it's so pretty !!!!

  25. How amazing!!

    It's so cool that the Me2 worked out just when everyone was around in Japan. You guys all look gorgeous, and omg those shop staff so nice *_* <3

    Kawaii TV better find its way onto YouTube dammit > < !

  26. *those shop staff's outfits are so nice

  27. macaroons sounds yummy :) and u looks great i wish i could meet sari mari too :p and it looks so much fun ^^ it was really sweet of ur bf to carry ur bags too!

  28. it looks like an amazing day ♪

  29. Seems like the perfect day! And you looked so cute, I love your hair!

  30. Great.. now I don't only need to go shopping for clothes - I need to go to JAPAN for it. -__-"

    The photos are so nice! And the outfits! The people... <3

  31. Looks like you had a great time ! >w<!

    Also, love your haircolor! It suits you so well ^w^ !!

  32. Michi - We seriously need to go together! We'd have the best time ever. xD

    Raspberry Jam - Thank you! :D

    Janis - Awww, you're too sweet! ♥ If I were lucky enough to get scouted, I'd drop everything right away and move to Japan with Take-chan! xD

    Micky - Thanks! ^__^

    Aiko - Thank you for looking! :3

    Ribbonlicious - Wow, what a nice thing to say! Thanks so much! :D I hope your plans of going to Tokyo pull through! Going there is really such an amazing experience. ♥

    Shou - Thank you for the sweet compliments! ♥

    Alina - Thanks! xD

    Zora - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! ^__^ And I really wish that going to Japan was a lot cheaper! The only reason I was able to go was because I got help from my boyfriend and his parents.

    Suzu - Wow, I'm honored to hear you say that! Thanks so much! :3

    Lani - Yay! I'm glad to see you on Blogger now! xD Thanks for taking the time to read my post. ♥

    Elisa - Thank you! :D And I'm hoping that one day I can deco my phone like Shiena's. It really is pretty! ♥

    Eden - I'm so lucky that they decided to have the meet on a day I was actually there! I only stayed in Japan for a short while, so I'm really happy that I was able to go. ^__^

    Naka - I seriously don't know what I would've done without my boyfriend while I was in Japan. xD

    Julia - It certainly was! ♥

    Mika - Thanks, honey! ^__^

    Line - I totally know what you mean! After shopping in Japan, I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do about the future when I want more clothes. And online shopping can get really pricey, so that's not really an option for me. U.U I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, though! ♥

    Moon - Awww, thanks! :3

  33. You are so pretty! Your hair is gorgeous & I love your blog>_<! But I really hafta ask, how do you make your hair survive the whole day? LOL. My curls die by the end of the day but I guess it's because I don't use hairspray or anything...;_;

  34. ohmygod! i didn't know you're back!

    hehehheheeh *huggles*

    you have such awesome time in japan!! makes me want to fly there now! hehehehehe...

    you look super super super super cute in those photos! and sooo cute with everyone too!
    soooo cute!! soooo cuteeee...

    ehehehehehe.. the feast looks delicious. i would have thought it's prepared by a sushi chef. =DD

    please post all your HAULS from japan soon~ <33

  35. It looks like you had so much fun!
    I love your outfit as always ♥

    Aww it makes me go to Japan even more!! haha

  36. Kristin - Awww, thanks! ♥ I think my hair stays like that because it's pretty damaged, on top of applying mousse and hairspray. ^__^; It really depends on the weather, too!

    Kelly - Yes, I'm back! Although I'm sad about it... T__T But thanks so much for looking through my photos! ♥

    Bommiie - You should go! xD

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  38. Wuaahh! Looks like you had an amazing time!!

    You're so photogenic!!! Super cute in every shot n___n//

    Can't wait to see more of your trip to Japan!!

  39. Shou - Wow, thanks for all the info! ♥ I'll definitely look into it. ^__^

    Suteisi - Awww, you're so sweet! Thanks, honey! :3

  40. my last comment got cut off for some reason >< sorry! here's what i meant to say:

    i can't believe someone as pretty as you is following my blog >< thank you so much♥
    looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. got lots of shopping done and had yummy foods :D i regret not visiting 109 when i was there, my 15yo self didn't know a thing about gyaru until after i left japan T-T
    it's so cool that you got to be on an episode of tokyo kawaii tv! i used to watch that until i couldn't find anymore episodes online anymore :(
    everyone looks so pretty! and i'm so jealous of your hair, it's like the perfect color and curls ><

  41. The food looks delicious!

    With love, Samm

  42. i just LOVED this post dear!♥♥ it made me want to travel even more~ XD somehow you managed to make this entry feel almost like being there too, you kinda brought tokyo and travelling there closer! sorry, it's so hard to explain that in english XDD

    and wow, the dinner looks awesome! love macarons♥ *-*

    you're too beautiful as always~ ;D♥

  43. Emi - Awww! You are too sweet, girl! ^__^ But I really must say... You're the pretty one! Thanks so much for following me back and for giving me such nice compliments. ♥ It sucks that you didn't know about gyaru style until after you left Japan, but now that's all the more reason to go back and visit, right? xD

    Samm - It tasted just as delicious as it looked! Mother knows best. ♥

    Chinsa - Awww, I'm glad that I could make you feel a little bit closer to Japan somehow! And I think you explained it just fine. ^__^ I hope you can also travel to Japan soon! It's an amazing experience that every gal needs to have. ♥

    Jodie - Hee hee... Thanks! :3

  44. hi tricia♥
    youre officially the first person im commenting ;3
    omggg this post is filled with so many pretty, cute && yummy things ^ O ^
    your outfit is really adorable~!!
    you fit right in, its like you live in japan xD

    its so nice you got to meet all those gals♥
    they all look so sweet && fashionable :3

    i cant wait to see you wearing all the clothes you got * - *
    hope you make a post with all the goodies you got♥
    && waaahhh that dinner looks amazing~!!♥♥

  45. Oh my goodness, what a great honor! ^__^ I'm really glad that you enjoyed this post! ♥ It was definitely nice to meet all of those pretty gals, and I'm hoping that I can meet you someday too! Hee hee... I was thinking of posting all the stuff I got, but I figured I'd just take photos again when I actually wear them. So I'll be posting those gradually! xD

  46. Wow, I just loved looking at all your photos ! Brilliant. Looks like you had such a wonderful time ! I will be there in July and can't wait ;-D

  47. Yay! I'm glad that you enjoyed this post. ^__^ It must be so exciting to go to Japan during the summer! I hope that you have a lovely time!

  48. Ooooooo you're soooo pretty Q____Q ♥ ♥ ♥ Like I've said like million times but I looooove your style so much! You really are my inspiration! ^--^

    I wanna go back to Japan now when I was looking through your pics!! Especially 109 Q___Q I miss it ♥ ♥ The shopping and the amazing shop staff !

    Luv ya! ♥

  49. Awww, that is such an honor! Thank you so much! ^__^ ♥

  50. Aww that looked soo fun!! And ur hair is really pretty also! How long does it take u to style it?? ;)


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