Monday, January 24, 2011

Arriving In Kyoto

Short post today! The morning after Take-chan and I explored Tokyo, we took the bullet train to Kyoto. It took about two hours to get there, and I got to see the more rural parts of Japan on the way! We also passed by Mt. Fuji-san, which looked absolutely gorgeous covered in snow. ♥

Cool centerpiece in the hotel lobby. We stayed at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, which is conveniently located right next to the station.

One of the views from our hotel room: Kyoto Tower!

Another amazing view of the city with a lovely backdrop of mountains.

This is the view of Kyoto Station and the nearby shops, right as you walk out one of the hotel's side doors. Look at what we found...

A Mister Donut! (´▽`) Finally I would get to try the adorable bear donuts that I kept seeing on other blogs... ♥

Look at all of these amazing sweets... *__* It was only a matter of time until I sunk my teeth into one of those bear donuts. Oh, but guess what! The guy in front of us took the last strawberry bear! It was the one I really wanted to try, too! (*´д`*)

I ended up settling for a normal strawberry donut, which was delicious, just not as cute. xD And for some reason Take-chan and I slept for the rest of the day, which was fine because we signed up for an all-day tour of Kyoto starting the following morning. Please stay tuned for my next post! I'll be showing tons of photos from the tour. ♥


  1. The sweets look very yummy ne! I love the cute bears pic! sooo cute ne!
    xoxo emimarie~

  2. how come i never see any cute food items like bear donuts here! they are too adorable though, i don't think i could've ate one ><

  3. those bear donuts are so cute~♥
    && they look really yummy as well ^ o ^
    thats a shame the guy took the last one~!!
    maybe next time you go to japan ;3

  4. ahh i miss kyoto! and i've seen those ads for misudo around. but i'm still on my diet :(((

  5. Oh i have been to the exact same hotel. Kyoto is so pretty with all its temples. i wish you lots of fun!

  6. Waaaahh the donuts look so cute!! It reminds me of when I was in Indonesia (・◇・)!

  7. awwwww what beautiful pictures!!*___*
    I wanna go there too! :3

  8. GOD I LOVE DONUTS!! *______*"""

  9. so cute!! <3

    i won't bear to eat them!

  10. OMG Tricia it's beautful *~*
    Please take me with you!

  11. ohhh, the donuts!
    it's a pity the guy before you snagged the last one XD

  12. The donuts look so yummy +w+
    Too bad you couldn't try the strawberry bear u___u

  13. I was only in Kyoto one day out of all the trips I had to Japan, so I can't wait to see more of your photos! It seems like such an interesting city^^

    Dang that guy in front of you for taking the last one, what bad luck! The strawberry creme on the angle teddy is the standard so the regular strawberry donut tastes very much like it.

  14. Awww, the bear donuts look so cute! Too bad the guy before you snagged the last one D:

    Those were some nice hotel views!

  15. ahh i bet the donut was so delicious! a pity though that you could not get the bear T-T;;

    looking forward to your next post ♪

  16. OMG!" i wan to goo to kyoto :(

  17. OMG they do NOT have Ema wishing board donuts too!? THAT'S MIND BLOWING!

  18. omg, those sweet looking things, mouth watering!!

  19. I'm giving you this awarddd..:

    you deserve it <3

  20. The mochi mochi donuts are the best! That`s all I ever get at Mister Donuts ;P

  21. Emi - Yeah, I felt really guilty while I was eating the donut! T__T

    Haylee - Yes! Next time I go to Japan, I definitely won't let the person in front of me take the last strawberry donut. xD

    Monica - You should reward yourself when your diet is finished! :P

    Dorotea Time - That's awesome! I'm glad that you were able to go to Kyoto as well. ^__^

    Mei - They have them there too?! When I travel the world, I'll surely keep that in mind. xD

    Raspberry Jam - Indeed! :3

    Shou - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! :D

    Line - Me too! *__*

    Kelly - If only they had keychain versions so that they could last forever. ♥

    Emy - I'll hide you in my suitcase next time! xD

    Super Rabbit - Right?! D:

    Suteisi - I was so sad! It was right there in front of me, and yet I couldn't eat it... T__T

    Sara Mari - Kyoto is really nice! I hope that you can go back there someday to see all of the temples in person. ♥ And yeah, it was a stroke of bad luck, but I'm glad I was at least able to try the regular strawberry donut. ^__^

    Lani - I'm glad you liked the photos! :3

    Julia - It was very delicious! Just like everything else I ate in Japan. xD

    In Palace - When you get the chance, you should visit Kyoto in the spring!

    Jenny - Oh, are those the ones pictured underneath the bear donuts? They looked yummy too! ♥

    Dolly Sweet - Awww, please don't be! D:

    Saving Capulet - Yeah, looking at the photos now makes my mouth water too. T__T

    Elisa - Thank you so much! ♥

    Chelsea - Oh man, that sounds amazing! *__* Looks like I'll have something new to try the next time I visit Japan!


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