Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Akihabara Winter Wonderland

I sure have a lot of catching up to do on my blog! I'm also back from Japan, which was a lot of fun! ^__^ I regret not taking more photos, though. It was such a relaxing trip that I was often too lazy to bring out my camera. Did a lot of eating and shopping, though! ♥ I was barely able to fit everything in my luggage. But anywho, more talk about that later...

I gotta backtrack to last month! When the semester ended, I was finally able to attend an event after so long. T__T The event was Tune in Tokyo's Akihabara Winter Wonderland, which was a cosplay-themed Christmas party. There were a lot of great costumes that night! Again, I should've taken more photos... Gotta stop doing that before it turns into a habit. D:

Elly, owner of Shibuyala looked adorable in her pink wig and outfit!

Michelle of Chubby Bunny was also a vendor that night. With me and Marie. ♥

Christmas Miku!!! ^__^ ♥

Next post will be about Japan! Most likely tomorrow because right now I'm itching to finally play Skyrim. xD