Thursday, March 13, 2014

GLAD NEWS Global Online Store Open!

I'm happy to announce that GLAD NEWS has finally opened their official global online store on YesStyle! It's great to see that more gyaru brands are becoming more accessible to international buyers. Shopping services are so expensive, and flying to Japan isn't any cheaper. >__> Plus, there are options for free international shipping! ♥

I've always liked GLAD NEWS for their sexy, punk style clothing. It's something that girls who aren't gyaru can wear too, including celebrities like Avril Lavigne!

Avril wearing GLAD NEWS! ^^

These are two items I'm thinking of purchasing from their YesStyle store:

I really love this simple racerback tank top! It also comes in white with red text, but I much prefer the black one. I'd probably wear this with a letterman jacket, beanie, and some black combat boots. xD

I'm also really into crop tops right now, and they've got some pretty cute ones!

I love this one 'cause the model looks so good in it! Maybe it's those killer abs... If I end up getting this, it'll be good motivation for me to do more crunches. ^__^;

GLAD NEWS loves skulls and studs. ♥