Monday, June 2, 2014

Anime Expo Fashion Show 2014

If you missed the AX fashion show last year, they're having it again this year with different brands including: Ghost of Harlem, KOKOkim, and Swankiss. Also, GOLDS infinity will be returning to take part in the fashion show once again!

Booth #: 1733, 1735
I'm really excited about Ghost of Harlem because despite the fact that I normally associate with more cute and girly styles, I've always loved rock gyaru style too. I also love how they have Sakurina as their main model, who I've always looked up to for inspiration as a gal. There's just a chemistry between the brand and how well Sakurina wears it that makes it so appealing. ♥ I will definitely be purchasing some items from their booth! ^^

Booth #: 1739, 1741
Swankiss showcases a "romantic vintage" theme, and they have a very cute take on pinup girl clothing. Think lace, ruffles, flowers, and cherries! :3 Not to mention Saaya Hayashida, the producer of Swankiss, will be making an appearance at the AX fashion show. You'll even get the chance to meet her at the Swankiss booth, so make sure you don't miss out! ^^

Booth #: 1728, 1730, 1732
KOKOkim is a colorful, fun, and girly type of style that draws inspiration from Harajuku and Akihabara. If you look at their official website, the front page has adorable anime artwork that transforms into the real life version of the models wearing KOKOkim clothing! :3 But don't get it twisted! The clothes are meant to be worn as daily wear and not for cosplay. Kimura U is the designer of this brand, and she's also one of the Japanese Kawaii Ambassadors of Cuteness. She created the term "MoeHaru," which means Moeru Harajuku, and is KOKOkim's brand concept. She will also be making an appearance at the AX fashion fashion show!

GOLDS infinity
Booth #: 1734
And last but not least, GOLDS infinity will be returning to AX this year! Their concept is elegant casual, and is something you'd see a sexy oneegyaru wear. ♥

I can tell this year's fashion show is going to be great since each brand is so different from the next. It's like a mini tour of Japanese fashion. ^^ And if you haven't heard, NHK World is going to be covering the event, and it will be shown on Kawaii International, a world wide TV show! If you need anymore information or are interested in applying to be a model, make sure to visit the AX Fashion Show 2014 page. Hope to see you there!