Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diamond Gals in LA

Last Saturday, I met up with my Diamond Gals for a top secret appointment. xD Even though it was tiring to walk all over Los Angeles in heels, we had a lot of fun! I really love spending time with them. ♥ So for now I'll leave you with some photos! This is what I wore:

Some of the new Liz Lisa stuff I brought back from Japan! (´▽`)
Top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: Liz Lisa

I miss wearing these Dolly Wink bottom lashes! I've been kinda lazy lately and have been resorting to Dolly Wink #5 because everything is on one strip and easy to apply. xD

All of the Diamond Gals together! From left to right: Val, Michi, me, Dolly, and Mie! ♥

Mandie was also there as our special guest! Sadly, this is the only photo I have with her. T__T

Me and Dolly! I have no idea why we're bending since we're both shorties... xD

Val and Michi are hot and sexy as usual... ♥

Dolly again and Mie lookin' fierce! :3

If Diamond had a hand sign, this would be it! xD

And last but not least, what I ate for lunch: Udon and vegetable tempura with brown rice. Yay for healthy food! ^__^

Stay tuned for more posts about my trip to Japan and details about my upcoming giveaway! I really want to thank everyone who's been reading and commenting on my blog. ♥


  1. Wow, you all guys looks wonderful and beautiful! ^^
    And I like much of your boots<3

  2. I love your cute outfit!
    You look beautiful.
    Eyelashes, love them, someday we buy some Dolly Wink, Buy some and made me allergic to glue :S

  3. Raspberry Jam - Thanks, honey! :3

    Meri & Anni - Thank you! :D

    Chisa - Awww, thanks! And I'm sorry to hear that you're allergic to eyelash glue! T__T I wonder if there are any alternatives...

    Ran - Hee hee... Thanks! xD

  4. Soooo cute top and boots! <3
    You are very beautiful!

  5. Tricia, wanna know a secret???? *motions for you to come closer* LOL >0>
    Your outfits are always so authentic. I have to respect how your outfits are always so -you-, you have a distinctive style & it's top-notch. Thanks for the photos, again. T_T I was so proud on Saturday T____T except for the last part LOL

  6. I hope so, It must have been bad glue.
    Buy when you can buy with a Dolly Wink.
    I love your outfits, they are all very cute.

  7. Saturday was a lot of fun! It was great hanging out with you ladies for the first half of the day. ^^ Will I be seeing your lovely face at the upcoming Rilakkuma event?

  8. WOW! I love your boots!! There are really cute!

    Kisses <3

  9. You look so perfect... as usual! How do you do?? :D
    And uh, udon... I miss udon so much!! *o* *craving*
    Simple curiosity, what's you height? ^^

  10. Your outfit is lovely! ;D

    In response: thanks for responding like that, and about the mirrors: well, for that part, it's all photoshop, but then for video ;D I wish I could do that!

  11. Wow, gotta say... you Diamond gals never diapoint ❤
    And those candy lens are looking killer on you!

    Definitely agree with what Val said though, the coords you post always scream you. They really show your signature style :D Which must have taken a while, but it's really inspiring ^^

  12. omg ur outfit looks so damn cute!
    where and how can i order clothes from liz lisa?
    could you help me? :)

  13. I love your outfit !! especially your boots ^__^! it's so pretty ~!!! =D love love love! hihi ❤

  14. so so cute❤
    i really love your boots * O *
    diamond gals are all so stylish && pretty :3
    i admire you all so much~!!

  15. You are such a stunner!! Love the way you put your outfits together!!x

  16. Aaaww you look too gorgeous! I'm luvin ur boots too!

  17. You look the boom! I really love your look! :P
    xoxo emimarie

  18. Breath taking photos!! Diamond gals FTW!!! Kinda intimidated by your clothes! wahaha absolutely LOVELY GALS!! <3

  19. ohh what a gorgeous outfit! *-* i love the colours, they suit you so well!!

    i'm so jealous about the weather in LA... looks so sunny and warm! T_T

    diamond gals rock! :D♥♥

  20. OMG you are so cute !!!! adorable Outfit ^^
    (´▽`) ❤

  21. I'm not a Liz Lisa fan but you always make it look so great. I really love the boots especially.

    You gals all look amazing! So jealous ;D

  22. you are liz lisa'd out!! haha i love it <3 i could never pull it off :( i would always walk by that store and tell my friends that there is no way. lol
    your friend mie, how'd she make her hair so big?! must be a lot of teasing and hairspray :O

  23. Loooove the Liz Lisa!
    You Gals look awesome <3

  24. I wanna have this delicious udon! *-*

  25. I love your look!
    Diamond Gals is a good-looking bunch, ha ha, looks like you had fun ^_^ ♥

  26. Your outfit was very nice and looked great on you, you picked some very cute things from Japan!!

    Oh I love seeing all these photos from the Diamond meeting, you got lots of great shots of everyone^^/

  27. I feel like I'm always commenting the same but....... I LOVE YOUR STYLE ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Your outfits are all perfect T_______T I wish I could have your sense of style ♡ ♡

    You all look fabulous! ! ! ♡ ♡ ♡

  28. Miss all you gals and I can't wait for u know what :) and i agree with Val, u have such a unique distinct style - it's so you! I wish I could pull off the girly sweet style like you!! I love all the pictures, great outit shots of everyone :) one day I will be there with you guys! Hehe

  29. ohh look at you, so sooo cute!!your outfit is just spectacular! i love the top and skirt and boots and everything! and dolly, too! shorties rule! :>

  30. I really love your outfit, you look so cute and sweet like ever!

  31. Your outfit is soo cute!! You're really good with coordinates :) And everyone else is lookin fierce too! And I really like your circle lenses too

  32. You Gals are sooo Kawaii! You must have had a blast with them! :) & Omg, your lunch looks delish! ^^ Great blog hun! ❤

    Can't wait for your give away! (´▽`)v

  33. I like your outfit! And everyone looks so recognizable gyaru, wtf. if only my country had something like this XD

  34. You all look so cute in your outfits! Love the "diamond" sign! Haha and the food looks so tasty! ^-^

  35. OMG!!! That Liz Lisa outfit and most specially the boots are so lovely!!! You look so cute!

    Group picture look fierce!! Glad you had a wonderful time ☆!!! Food looks delicious =D!


  36. Wow, Tricia!! I love the boots on you!! SO cute!! I love how all you gals have stamps on your pictures!! I want to start doing that too <3<3

  37. I love your outfit so much, Tricia ❤.❤
    You look beautiful as always~!

  38. I think this is one of my favorite outfit I've seen you wear! Sooo cute and classy at the same time!

    Looks like you guys had fun n_____n//

  39. liz liza boots SPELLS S.E.X.Y!!


    the gathering looks so fun!

  40. Tricia you're always so beautiful and cute!

    Love the liz lisa coordinate! It matches you so niely, hope you diamond gals had lots of fun ♥

  41. Your ourfit is wonderful~! ♥
    You're such an inspiration :3

  42. Aww, you're so weet (: You all look fab!

  43. Wow I love your outfit a lot! It's so sublime! straight from japan <3
    You're super nice! I love your blog, i follow: p

  44. I loveee how you did your makeup! Do you happen to have any makeup tutorials hiding on your blog?

  45. Kami - Thank you very much! ^__^

    Val - LOL! That was so embarrassing! Especially that last part! ~__~ But wow, thank you for the very sweet compliments! ♥

    Sachi - I hope you can find a glue out there that won't cause you to have an allergic reaction! I can't even imagine being a gyaru without falsies. ~__~

    Mandie - I'm glad you had fun with us! You're such a sweet girl. I'd really love to hang out with you more often! Hopefully at the next Rilakkuma event... U.U

    Miyu - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Anna - Awww, thank you! ♥

    Besa - Wow, perfect? That's such a nice compliment! Thank you! ^__^ And I'm vertically challenged at 5'0". xD

    Rocking Doll Museum - Thanks! :D

    Eden - Awww, thanks! :3 You always have the sweetest comments. ♥

    Grinsende Fruehlingsrolle - Thank you! ^__^ There's this great shop on Facebook that sells tons of Liz Lisa stuff! I'll post the URL on your blog. ♥

    Elisa - Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my outfit! :3

    Haylee - Awww, thank you! ^__^ ♥

    Lolly - Thanks! :D

    Nami - Thank you, sweetie! :3

    Emi Marie - Thanks! xD

    Yapo - Awww, don't be intimidated! D: I'm really nice, I promise! ♥

    Chinsa - Hee hee... Thanks! :3 And the weather is definitely the best thing about LA!

    Black Sui - Thank you! ^__^

    Bloomzy - Awww, thanks! :D I'm so curious to see what you'd look like in Liz Lisa. I'm sure it'd be overwhelmingly cute! ♥

    Monica - I think you could pull it off, Monica! You should try some of their clothes at least once. ^__^ And I'm not all too sure how Mie works her magic, but I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you if you asked her!

    Mirai Moro - Thanks, honey! :3 And Liz Lisa is just too awesome... I don't think I could ever get enough of it!

    Shou - If only I could send you some! xD

    Mika - Awww, thanks! :D

    Sara Mari - Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the photos! ^__^

    Coco - I always love getting your comments! Keep 'em coming! xD And I think that your outfits are amazing too! You have a lot of cute stuff from Liz Lisa, so in a sense, our style is quite the same. ♥

    Janis - Awww, Janis! I miss you too! T__T I really hope that we can see each other soon so that we can catch up and take tons of photos together! ♥

    Saving Capulet - You're so sweet! Thank you very much! :3

    Suzu - Thanks, honey! ^__^

    Lani - Thank you! ♥

    Kichiro - Thanks a bunch! :D And yes, I do love my Diamond Gals! They're always so much fun to hang out with. ♥

    Light - Thank you! xD

    Super Rabbit - That's a really nice compliment! Thank you! ^__^

    Julia - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Audrey - LOL! Yeah, the whole gang sign thing was pretty random. xD

    Aoko - Thank you so much! :D

    Bambi - I'm glad you like the boots on me! I was worried that they'd be too big since I'm so short. U.U

    Myou - Thanks! :3

    Bommiie - Thank you for the sweet comments! ♥

    Suteisi - Awww, yay! :D Thanks a bunch! ♥

    Oli - They're quite the popular item in this post! xD

    Kelly - LOL! We need to meet one of these days. I just know it'd be fun to hang out with you! :3

    Emy - "No, you are!" Our favorite thing to say to each other. xD And thanks! ♥

    Wen - Awww, that is so sweet of you! I'm really honored! *__*

    Phony - Thank you so much! ^__^

    Chizuka - Thanks! ♥

    Lily - Thank you for the sweet comments and for following my blog! :D

    Lovely Cookies - Thanks, sweetie! ♥ Unfortunately, I haven't made any tutorials yet. I should really get on that! xD


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