Friday, February 18, 2011

Touring Kyoto: Part 2

Holy cow! The response I've gotten so far with my giveaway is astounding. In just two days, I received almost 150 comments and over 100 new followers! *__* That's something I definitely wasn't expecting. Thank you so much, everyone, for participating and helping me promote my giveaway! I'm thinking of shortening the deadline to increase everyone's chances of winning...

In the meantime, I'm gonna go into the second half of my Kyoto tour. I hope that you guys enjoy the photos! (´▽`)

Our first stop after eating lunch was Heian Jingu Shrine. It's customary to wash your hands here before entering.

If you're looking at the shrine's entrance and you turn around, you'll see this amazing shrine gate arching over the road. I believe it's the biggest one in Japan!

This is the outer sanctuary.

One of the many gorgeous look-outs surrounding the premises.

Behind the outer sanctuary, there's this beautiful garden. The building in this photo is Shobi-kan.

Sitting on Taihei-kaku, a bridge that crosses over the water.

Here's a better view of Taihei-kaku... So pretty! *__* ♥

On the way back to the tour bus, Take-chan tied my fortune for me. I got the best one! (´▽`)

Next stop was Sanjusangen-do, which houses 1001 statues of Kannon. In the center of the main hall is an amazingly huge wooden statue of Kannon, accompanied by 500 human-sized ones on each side. *__* It was kinda scary, but also very beautiful. ♥ Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos out of respect for the gods, so I can only show you this photo of what the building looks like from the outside. Please visit their website to see beautiful photos of the actual statues!

The sun was beginning to set, and our last stop was Kiyomizu Temple. On the way up the hill, we bumped into these pretty girls wearing their kimonos for Seijin no Hi. It's basically a coming of age day for those who have reached the age of 20.

The hill had many small shops on the way to the temple.

Can you believe this is just a gate?

Almost there... Look at how small the woman is compared to this structure! xD

We finally reached the entrance of Kiyomizu Temple. What's amazing about this national treasure is that it sits on a steep hill, and if you jumped off the balcony, it'd be about a 13 meter drop! (゚д゚) And here's the craziest part: Not a single nail was used to build this entire structure! *__* How is it even standing?!

There's me and Take-chan standing on the balcony with our tour guide. She was so sweet!

In the small building behind me, they were selling tons of fortunes and charms. Take-chan and I got love charms. ♥

And then we prayed here...

As we were getting ready to head back to the hotel, we caught this breathtaking sunset.

I couldn't help but go into this shop to snap a quick photo. The decorations were just too cute! :3

Kyoto Tower all lit up. ♥

And of course, the beautiful view of the city lights from our hotel room. :3

Despite the extremely cold weather, it was all worth it! I really loved seeing this side of Japan. ♥


  1. How beautiful!

    Love the photos!

    Those girls look nice in their kimonos!


  2. ooh! so beautiful Kyoto!
    I would like to visit it! but I have to save money ;_;
    and you were so gorgeous!!

  3. Raspberry Jam - They certainly do! I also loved how they all had matching fur stoles. ♥

    Mimisa - Awww, thanks! :D And yes, you should definitely visit Kyoto when you go to Japan!

  4. i love these pictures!! so beautiful!! i want to tie fortunes too!!

  5. beautiful pictures tricia ^^ I also want to get charms and tie fortunessss. it looks so pretty ~ just like in movies xD lol

  6. Kyoto looks amazinggg! :) I've always wanted to see all the temples there! I really wish that I can go there this summer! I haven't been to Japan since I was 3! HAHA! So I don't remember much! hahah!

    and congratulations on your very successful giveaway! :)

  7. this is making me wanting to go to kyoto D: better start saving up ^^

  8. Elisa - Thank you so much! :D And I felt so happy when I got my first charm! It made me think of all the Japanese dramas I've watched. xD

    Emily - If you went to Kyoto this summer, that'd be so awesome! I'm sure all the cherry blossoms would make everything look much more beautiful. ♥

    Lissy - Kyoto is definitely a place that everyone should visit at least once. ♥ Best of luck to you! ^__^

  9. Such beautiful photos! I really love pictures from Coming of Age day, the kimono are always so beautiful. *___*

  10. Japan is beautiful!! So calm so lovely and serene! thank you for the awesome photos! <3 i hope the love charms work :P ~ I want one too!

    and congrats about the giveaway /:D/

  11. Beautiful Pictures. Japan is beautiful!
    I hope someday to get to know.

  12. awwweee tricia the photos are gorgeous♥
    i really hope one day i can also visit japan ^ - ^
    your outfit looks so cute && warm :3

  13. Kyoto *-*! Love~ Really want to visit when I go to Japan~

    And REALLY love your coat :3


  14. Oh I'm so sorry, this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but
    I am just seeing you and the diamond girls on tv!!(゚∀゚)(゚∀゚)(゚∀゚)
    I'm so excited!! It was only a little preview, but the show starts now♥

  15. your photos are so well taken!!
    so sceneric! <3

    i love getting charms for my friends as souvneirs. i think that's the best souvneir~ cause they will be blessed for one year~~!

    hehehehe i didn't get to tour around kyoto that time as we woke up really late. about 2pm? hahaha
    and some of the shrines are closed. =(

    so thank you for such as detailed and beautiful post~

  16. Love the photo's! ;D

    Maybe it's held together with a supersecret glue? Hahah XD

  17. Whoa everything about it is soo pretty! Your so lucky that you got to visit Japan.I would like to visit there some day. After i learn some more Japanese>.<

  18. the kyoto tower reminds me of the cn tower .
    wow , so great you are in Japan . I would love to go there someday . Right now I am in India different climate and culture from Canada that's for sure but it's nice here too . the malls are great here .

  19. Ahhh the memories. I've been to all those places. I even stayed a kyoto tower hotel. Its an amazing place, almost magical :)

    Thanks for the post :)

  20. aww trisha congrats on the success so far with your giveaway~ i don't know about you but i'm already tired of counting all my entries i can't imagine what you're going through T-T
    lovely pictures as always❤ and that's so amazing about the kyomizu temple!! i wonder how it withstands the wind...they must have used some VERY strong glue lol ><
    wow those kimonos are so pretty, did you buy one while you were in japan :D

  21. The photos all look wonderful and it looks like loads of fun! Thank you so much for sharing your tour pictures with us. ^__^

  22. Thank you for comment me ❤
    That most beautiful views *___________*
    I love Kyoto!!! You look great in photos =D
    You're so pretty! ❤

    PD- Sorry my inglish is very very BAD jajaja :P

    See you soon

  23. So beautiful!
    I like your coat and scarf ❤


  24. Kyoto is wonderful! I loved everything, and the shrines are just splendid!! *__* I'm happy you had such a good time!! ^o^

  25. Oh, I love these pictures ! They're beautiful (´O`)

  26. awwww I love the kimonos :3 look sooo great<3and you look so cute and beautiful as always :3

  27. Wonderful photos. I was really good journey wasn't it ;) These buildings are amazing. How people could build them xD You look very pretty. I like your coat.

  28. oh what a breathtaking place, and I love the photos of the girls wearing their kimonos <3 so cute! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time <3

  29. omg i miss kyoto! i haven't seen these places in forever! thanks for sharing them. hehe
    did you get to eat some of the yummy desserts there?
    and for your friend's hair, i don't think i'll ever be able to pull that off but it's just fascinating to look at hehe

  30. So cool pictures! :))

  31. i always enjoy looking at your pictures <3;

    kyoto is really beautiful °A°
    i want to go too!

  32. thank you for ur help! :)
    when i have money again i will buy something from the online store oon facebook *_*

    thx thx thx

  33. Fantastic blog!!!:) what do you think about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3 <3

  34. So beautiful!!

    Kyoto is such a beautiful city ❤

  35. Breath-taking! O:
    I wanna be able to go someday~

  36. sounds like you have soo much fun!
    I wanted to head over to kyoto for my stay in japan. It looks beautiful

  37. Mandie - They are! I really want one for myself. T__T

    Yapo - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! :D And so far the love charms have been working! ♥

    Chisa - It really is! And I'm sure that one day you'll get to visit Japan too! :3

    Haylee - Thanks, Haylee! ^__^

    Karoru - I hope you can find the time to visit Kyoto during your stay in Japan! It's totally worth it. ♥

    Nicola - I just saw it too! xD They cut out so much stuff and translated some things wrong to make it funnier, but overall, I think it turned out alright. U.U At least we got good ratings!

    Kelly - Awww, I'm glad you liked the photos I took! :3 And I didn't know that the charms last for only one year. Looks like I'll have to go back in 2012! xD And it's a pity you didn't get to take the tour... You woke up at 2PM?! You must've been out partying the night before! xD

    Rocking Doll Museum - LOL! That'd be pretty funny. xD

    Lovely Cookies - I still can't believe how lucky I was to be able to visit Japan! ^__^ And yes, learning Japanese first will be really helpful. If it weren't for my boyfriend translating everything, I'd be totally lost! U.U

    Va - I'd love to visit Canada and India someday! :D Especially after you mentioned the great malls. xD

    Emma - That's awesome! I'm glad that you were able to experience all of the same things I did. ^__^

    Emi - Thanks, Emi! And I totally know what you mean! I've been trying to keep up with all the entries, but every time I check back, there's more! *__* Unfortunately, I didn't get to buy a kimono since I spent all of my money at Shibuya 109. xD

    Sugar Sugar - Thanks for looking! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! :3

    Yui - Awww, thanks! ♥ And I think that your English is just fine! ^__^

    K - Thank you! :D

    Nenacho - Thank you so much! xD

    Emma - I'm glad you liked them! ♥

    Shou - That is so sweet of you! Thank you! ^__^

    Magdalena - Yes, it was one of the most amazing journeys I've ever had! It's crazy how intricate the designs on the buildings are. *__*

    Saving Capulet - The photo of the girls wearing kimonos is one of my favorites as well! They all look so happy. :D

    Monica - I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos! :3 Unfortunately, the only desserts I ate were from Mister Donut. Hopefully I can try more the next time I go! ♥

    Emo Scene Kid Lover - Thanks! xD

    Julia - Awww, hearing you say that makes me so happy! ^__^

    Grinsende Fruehlingsrolle - Anytime, love! ♥

    Nonszalancka - Thanks for visiting my blog! :3 I just checked yours out. I love how all the photos are so stylish! ♥

    Bommiie - It certainly is! :D

    Brittany Eileen - That's a perfect word to describe Kyoto. ♥ I'm sure that you'll also be able to go someday! I never thought it would happen to me... xD

    Omi - You should definitely go while you're in Japan! I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I did! ^__^

  38. OMG these all pictures are so beautiful!!
    I love that last picture <3

  39. Tricia you're so nice!! *__* Thank you so much!!!

  40. Aw Triciiaaa!! Hahaha!!! You're going to have so much fun counting the entries, hahahaha!! (>∇<;)

    My goodness, Kyoto looks absolutely glorious (б.б) I'm totally adoring the breathtaking scenery and elaborate architectural works.❤〜

    I can't believe that the large gate could be held up without nails. That's some pretty hardcore architectural designing right there. ☆ミ

  41. You've convinced me to act like a tourist when i go to japan! LOL cause whenever i go all i do is shop and never go sightseeing :(

    I definitely wanna go sightseeing next time! looks like you're having tons of fun :)

  42. Ohhhh ♡ ♡ ♡ That's so beautiful!! *-----* I was kinda sad that when I visited Japan it was such a short time that we weren't able to visit Kyoto.. And now after seeing these beautiful photos I sooooo wanna go there next time T_____T ♡ ♡ So beautiful there! I love the temples so much!! ♡ ♡

    You and Take-chan are soooo cute ♡ ♡ Melts my heart that you got love charms! I remember when we visited Toda-ji in Nara that I got there also a charm but it was good for finding a boyfriend XDDD ahhaha !

    And congratulations of your new followers!!! That's amazing!! *-----* ♡ ♡ ♡ I'm really happy for you sweetie!! ♡ ♡ ^---^ ♡

  43. WOW! the place look so beautiful! lets save money so we could both go together!!!!!!!

  44. Nenacho - You're so cute! :3

    Mei - Haha! You already know. xD I've been trying to keep up with the entries diligently, but they just started piling up like crazy, and I haven't touched them since! U.U I'm really glad you enjoyed the photos, though! ♥

    Grace - You should! Because even if you take the time to go sightseeing, there will always be room for shopping! xD

    Coco - Awww! Your comments are just so sweet! I really enjoyed reading them. ^__^ And I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to visit Kyoto while you were in Japan! I'm sure you will get your chance one day. ♥

    Michi - Going to Japan with you would be so much fun! Looks like I'm gonna need another job... xD

  45. nice photos !!!! Kyoto is a beautiful place :)
    and i bet you had fun there ^ ^

    did you shop also in Japan? hihi

  46. that is so awesome
    I wish I could go to Japan too :D
    such a beautiful country
    loved your photos ^_^

    just getting started :3 if you wanna check it out everyone <3


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