Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto in L.A.

Since I was MIA for a long time, I wanted to do a few throwback posts. ^__^ This one's way back during the short period of time I had dark brown hair, which almosts seems like a dream to me now. Like it never actually happened. :P I just couldn't (and still can't) seem to get over my love for light brown and blonde hair. For obvious reasons, I got that feeling the most when I was looking through gyaru magazines. ^__^;;

About a year ago, models Eri Angely and Yumi Fujimoto came from Japan to visit, so a bunch of L.A. gals including myself got together to hang out. Eri and Yumi are both really sweet gals! ♥ I speak very little Japanese, so unless somebody translated for me, it was a bit difficult to communicate with them. However, we still had fun taking photos and eating at Tea Station with everyone! They even went to Round One and a bunch of other places after that, but I missed out because I had to leave early to attend a wedding. I'm hoping they can come back to visit soon!

And thank you so much, Sho, for making this happen! I remember this was the first time we met, and it was so exciting to talk about bringing gyaru brands to the U.S. A year later, it's actually happening at Anime Expo 2013! :3 I'll go into more detail about that in another post. On to the photos! ♥


Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

Hi everyone! It must've seemed like I disappeared, but I'm back and I still want to continue updating this blog. ♥ And one thing I wanted to announce is that I finally graduated from the MLT program! ^__^ Plus it's summer, so that means a lot of fun events are coming up.

I still look pretty much the same. Although I don't dress up as much anymore since I'm working a full time job in a laboratory, I still love gyaru fashion! ♥

Haven't really changed the way I do my eye make-up either. Time to start experimenting! :3

That's it for now! I've been sick for the past two weeks... Last week my body was just fatigued from school and work, and I could hardly get out of bed. After finally getting better, I caught a cold from a family member. U__U Now that it's my weekend, I can finally rest and hopefully get better soon!