Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nerding Out in Japan

After returning from Kyoto, Take-chan took me to Japan's famous Electric Town, Akihabara. There were so many arcades and otaku-friendly stores (including maid cafes)! xD

On the way to the station, we bumped into this adorable Shiba Ken! ♥ Looks like he's more interested in my bear than taking a photo, though. xD

Just a small glimpse of Akihabara. If you look closely, there's a Left 4 Dead 2 banner hidden behind the trees! ♥

I loved how the streets were so colorful. ^__^

One thing I really wanted to experience in Japan was going to a maid cafe, so that's exactly what we did! xD Take-chan and I went to the 7th floor of @ Home Cafe, where we were served by the lovely Layla. She was so sweet! As soon as we walked in, she gave us a really warm welcome. Of course I chose her to be our maid! (´▽`) I wish I could've taken photos, but they unfortunately aren't permitted. It was a really fun experience, though! I got to eat a really cute dessert and take Polaroids with Layla (which she decorated). ♥

Me and Layla! Isn't she cute? ♥ I'm also holding the dessert I ordered, which was decorated to look like a bunny! :3

Take-chan joins in for another Polaroid! And Rilakkuma's face gets cut off by my arm... U.U

On the way back home, I asked Take-chan if we could stop by the Square Enix building. ♥

They have such a gorgeous entrance! I also love the snowflakes they added to the windows. ^__^

Kupo! :3 I believe this adorable Moogle is in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. It makes me really sad that I don't own a PS3. T__T

After checking out the store in the lobby, we noticed that there was a second room where they were showcasing a bunch of figurines and other merchandise. When I walked in and looked at the floor, I was shocked to see this...

Holy smokes, it's Sephiroth! (゚д゚) He looked so real it was scary, but it was also really cool. ♥

It's as if he was going to open his eyes at any moment! *__*

Another awesome display: Sora from the very first Kingdom Hearts!

And last but not least, Mie's having a giveaway! If you win, you can get these really cute bath bombs that look and smell like ice cream! ♥ I think it only lasts until this Friday, though, so be sure to enter soon! ^__^


  1. Ahhhh looks so much fun !!!! I also want to go to a maid cafe xD !!! But i think that there will be lots of weird guys??? and that Moogle is so cuteeeee why didn't you buy it hihi xD

  2. OOh my gosh I want to go to Japan! But I'm scared of planes!! Looks like you had a fab time!! ^ ^ xx

  3. OHHH the dog is so CUTE *_*;<3

  4. I dont know where to start haha!! Im so jealous!! Japan's the place to be! Those are wonderful photos, thanks for sharing em Tricia ^_____^~

    PS, Sephiroth so handsome and look at that body!!!! <3 <3 nyunyunyu <3

  5. Oh my goodness, I've always wanted to go to the Square-Enix store! That moogle plush is so precious. Wow, Layla is such a pretty maid! That looks like fun~~

  6. Sephiroth <3 Is it wrong for me to think that an anime character is really hot? ;)

  7. Aww so cute!!! The photo with you Layla and your bf is awesome!

    I love kingdom hearts!!!!

    Thanks for posting about my giveaway!!!

  8. Japan is so colorful, looks so fun.
    I love your outifit. Wonderful photos!

  9. Elisa - Yeah, there will always be a handful of creepy guys roaming around Akihabara, but I didn't mind them that much because I was with my boyfriend the whole time. ^__^ And I didn't buy the Moogle because I was afraid it wouldn't fit in my luggage... D:

    Lolly - I used to be scared of airplanes too, but it's actually the safest way to travel! I hope you can overcome your fear so that you can also visit Japan someday. ^__^

    Line - He is! T__T ♥

    Raspberry Jam - He's certainly quite the charmer! :3

    Yapo - It seriously is! I'm definitely moving there one day... At least you're only a couple hours of a flight away from it! xD Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! Sephiroth really is quite the stud. ♥

    Mandie - Awww, I'm sure you'll be able to visit it someday! They have so much awesome merchandise! xD

    Emily - Not at all! Especially when it's a character from Square Enix! ♥

    Mie - Thanks, Mie! :3 And I'm happy I could help you out somehow! ♥

    Chisa - Thank you so much! ^__^

  10. Aww you look really cute! So many cool things you get to see and experience like the maid cafe, haha I'm way jealous!

  11. Hello! Ahh, I'm so jealous that you're in Japan. I've been missing Japan ever since 2009.

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Ooh~ I've always been curious about maid cafes. :]

  12. Doggyyyyyy! So adorable!!

    Really good choice in maids Tricia! I definitely want to go to one!

    The Square Enix building looks sooooo cool! So jealous, I want to see everything there!! *_*

  13. OHH!! I loove the shiba inuuu!!! ❤❤ Σ(゜д゜) I want ittt, hahahaaa

    And OMG Square Enix building, mucho epicness right there! That Sephiroth in the glass looks legit... it's creepy, hahaha (>∇<;) Oh man, I want to go to Japan!! Hahaha!!

  14. Aww I am so jealous!!! One day I will visit Japan and get to eat in a Maid Cafe.

    I would also like to visit the Sqaure Enix building too. My favorite game they ever made was Chrono Cross for the PS1. BEST RPG EVER! <3

  15. I really want to travel to Japan, so thank you for posting pictures so I can see what it looks like!!!
    By the way, you really look like some sort of Gyaru model!!! You're gorgeous!
    ~Kawaii Kiki

  16. I want to go to a maid cafe one day! ♥

  17. wow, there are so many cute stuffs in japan..wish i could go there..

  18. Che - Thank you so much! :3

    Tiffyama - Unfortunately, I'm not in Japan anymore... T__T I was there earlier this year, and I miss it so much now! I hope you can visit Japan again soon! You should definitely try going to a maid cafe at least once. ♥

    Dolly - LOL! Yeah, she was so cute that I couldn't help but keep a constant eye on Frank... xD

    Mei - Seriously, he's just too adorable! ♥ I wanted to take him home with me... T__T And yes, anything that has to do with Square Enix is automatic epicness. ♥

    Starlen - When that time comes, I'm sure you're gonna love it! :3

    Kiki Paul - Awww, I'm glad I could bring a bit of Japan to you! ^__^ When you go, be sure to take lots of photos! And thank you so much for the super sweet compliments! I really love gyaru, so hearing that makes me incredibly happy! ♥

    Audrey - You should! It's something I think everyone needs to experience at least once! :D

    Camgaga - I'm sure that you'll be able to go one day! :3

  19. I wanna go too...... went to hokkaido last year but the fashion there were not as good as Tokyo & Osaka....

  20. that's actually the cutest maid i've ever seen. usually the ones that actually work at those cafes aren't that pretty ><
    i haven't been to Akihabara in soooooooo long! you should've taken pictures of the "unique" fashion there hehe

  21. It looks like you're having so much fun!

  22. akiba is love!!!! i was in the same maid cafe and it wa really funny there. great pics of akiba - i feel so homesicke now ^^

  23. OMG! so cute!
    I would like to visit a maid cafe too...she looks so kawaii!!
    You could see Sephirot!! I want it too!!!!

  24. moogles are my favorite character in the ff series, except for in ffxii, they just weren't cute enough in there XD and sephiroth looks so badass omg D= square enix building seems so amazing i'm definitely going to go there next time i plan a trip to japan!
    aw layla looks so sweet, i'm assuming it was a bunny themed cafe since take-chan was wearing ears? :P
    you look adorable tricia~ i love your cardigan ^^

  25. I love that you noticed the L4D2 sign!! XD

  26. Aww looks like you had fun!
    I really wanna go to a maid or imuoto cafe when I go to japn too!

  27. Cute pics *Q*
    I really get envoius u__u :D


  28. Ohh *_*
    you are so cute!!
    I love your outfit!!

  29. Akihabara is so interesting!
    You look cute too!

  30. Wow! That looks really cool! ^^

    Sephiroth scares me though XD He looks so real indeed!

  31. Ioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix ❤_______❤ you are gorgeous! I love your style *3* JAPAAAAAAAN *_______* to envy! >_______< HAHAHAHAHA!!!!



  32. aiii, Sephy looks so scary @__@; But the Square Enix building looks amazing.


  33. Aww!! You look always really cute!! (´▽`) Love ur outfit!!
    I would love to go to Japan (TT-TT)

    Kisses <3

  34. ahaha maid café!! i guess it was a nice experience! ♪
    i didn't go, but i've seen it too : ]

  35. Ah I love your W*C cap!! You must love to be there in Japan... <3 *jealous* x3

  36. The Square Enix is so cool! That Sephorith is awesome *_*

    Ughh, this entry is so cool!! Checking off more spots to check out in Japan now ❤

  37. OMG ! ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥ Sephiroth! ! ! I LOVE HIM XDD in his great evilness ♥ ♥ He's my alltime favorite villain in FF ♥ ♥

    It's really fun to see all these places you've visited!! ^---^ It really makes me wanna visit all these places next time I go to Japan ♥ ♥

  38. I love your Japan photos, the way you process them makes them look so beautiful! It looks like you had a fun time in Akiba and did a lot of cool things.

    Layla is cute but you are waaaay cuter. I like the photo with your bf and rilakkuma! Maid cafes are pretty fun actually hehe XD

    I would have been clawing at that Sephiroth display if I was there. I've never been to the Square Enix building, oh I'd better go next time!

  39. ♥I want a shiba inu~It's so cute♥
    ^o^I wanna go to a maid cafe so bacd noww~ Looks like so much fun~!Layla is adorable~ kyaaa Square Enix building!!so cool!
    OMG Sephiroth looks tooo real~!XD~♥sephy ILU

    ^__^ and I cannot forget, You look sooo Pretty~
    Luvv the outfit~!

    ^O^soon enough japan, soon enough!! I will get to my dream destination!

  40. The only Square-Enix building I see around my area is this one that's close to LAX, haha. Wish I could have gone, you're so lucky [:

    I've had a weird video game crush on Sephiroth since FFVII came out.. when I was seven. >> Hahahaha.

    Cute post, cute pictures. <3

  41. Carrie - The fashion in Tokyo is always the best! ^__^

    Louise - LOL! That's exactly what was running through my mind when I first saw him! xD

    Monica - No way! I guess I got really lucky with Layla, then! :3

    Miu - It was definitely a lot of fun! :D I wish I could still be there right now... T__T

    Conny - You used to live in Japan? That's awesome! ♥ And I think it's cool that we went to the same maid cafe. xD

    Mimisa - The maid cafe I went to was so much fun! I hope you get the chance to try it someday too. ^__^

    Emi - I love Moogles too! :3 Final Fantasy has so many cute critters, but Moogles are hands down the most adorable. ♥ I'm sure you're gonna love the Square Enix building when you see it! And sadly, I don't think the maid cafe was bunny-themed. It was just pure coincidence! xD

    Bloomzy - You play it too? *__* ♥

    Mirai Moro - I definitely recommend going to this particular maid cafe! Everyone was so sweet! ^__^ ♥

    Mika - Awww, I'm sorry! D:

    Phony - Thank you so much! :3

    Neko - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Rocking Doll Museum - He scared me too! xD But then I couldn't help but admire him afterwards. ♥

    Yui - LOL! You're so cute. ^__^

    Sophie - Yeah, he does! It's especially scary because he's literally in the floor and you can walk over him. xD

    Miyu - Awww thanks, sweetie! And I hope you can go to Japan someday too! :D

    Julia - It was fun to experience the maid cafe at least once! You should try it out if you get the chance. :3

    Wen - I really loved being in Japan! I felt like I belonged there. ^__^

    Eden - I'm glad you enjoyed my post, Eden! :D

    Coco - LOL! He's my favorite Final Fantasy villain too! *__* And I'm really happy that you've been enjoying my Japan posts! ♥

    Sara Mari - Awww, thank you so much for all the sweet compliments! ^__^ ♥ Even though Take-chan and I didn't stay in Akihabara for too long, I had tons of fun! The maid cafe was especially a nice experience. I remember you posted about your experience too! I think that's one of the reasons why I really wanted to go. xD And yes, definitely visit the Square Enix building when you get the chance! They have a lot of awesome displays. ♥

    真美 - I want one too! And I heard that they're very loyal dogs, which is always a good thing. ^__^ Also, thank you so much for the sweet compliments! ♥

    Alice - Oh, I've seen that one! :D The first time I saw it, I was really surprised! And I don't think that it's weird to have a crush on Sephiroth, even though you were seven when it first happened. xD They just made him look too cool! Also, thanks for visiting my blog! ♥

  42. OMG YOU'RE SO CUTE!! & Im so freakin jealous of your trip in Japan!

  43. Oh!! I love it!! ♥

    So cute!! x3


  44. So cute photoes ;)
    i like this with dog & teddy bear ;)

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  45. hi, you look so pretty, love your outfit n_n!

    Seems that you're having a great time at japan, enjoy :D

  46. waaahhh that doggy is so cute * O *♥
    love how he is staring at your bear haha xD

    aw your maid is cute~!!
    but i think you are much cuter♥♥

    omg moogle :3
    wow that sephiroth looks so real && cool~!!
    imagine if his eyes did open all of a sudden ; x ;

  47. hey tricia.. when are you going to post the giveaway winner?

  48. so cute! i'd love to visit japan one day!

    following you now!



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