Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review - Candy Doll Strawberry Pink Blush

Today I'll be doing a review on Tsubasa Masuwaka's Candy Doll blush in Strawberry Pink! (´▽`) I bought it at Donki while I was in Japan earlier this year. ♥

The packaging is so cute! Even if I didn't know about Candy Doll, the box alone would've caught my eye.

Though small, the blush comes in a clear pan with a cute design on the front. :3

Really gorgeous bubble gum pink color. ♥

My blush came specially packaged with this nifty brush and case. I always use it when I put on Candy Doll. ^__^

Here are what my cheeks looked like before applying the blush.

And with the blush! This photo was taken with natural lighting. I think the color looks just as vibrant on my cheeks as it does in the pan.

I really caked the blush on my face, but my camera doesn't seem to pick it up very well. It looked much heavier in person!

With flash, you can definitely see the color a lot better. It's funny because when my little cousin saw me that day, he told me I looked like Pikachu! xD

Overall, I absolutely love this blush! It's the perfect shade of pink for me. ♥ Although heavily pigmented, it's not too heavy when applied lightly. The best part is that it shows up well in photos, especially with flash. ^__^ I'd say the only disadvantages are its small size and lack of availability in the U.S. It's a bit more expensive to buy it online, but quite easy to obtain. There's just that anticipation of getting it in the mail. xD

Where You Can Get It

Here are several places you can buy Tsubasa's Candy Doll Strawberry Pink blush. They all ship internationally, but the prices I listed here don't include shipping.

Vivi Diamond Club - $18.99 USD (some countries are blocked)
Shoppingholics - $19.90 USD
Pinky Paradise - $19.99 USD
A Pop of Kawaii - $21.30 USD
Ichiban Kao - ¥1950 JPY

I hope you enjoyed my review! I'll be posting up more this summer. ^__^ ♥

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tokyo Collaboration 2011

Thank you so much, everyone, for continuing to support my blog despite the lack of updates! I finished the semester with an A, so now I can finally relax and start posting again! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

A little over a week ago, I went to Tokyo Collaboration with Michi and tons of other cute gals. We had an amazing time! The music was great, and we even got to see some celebrities! :3

Getting ready with Michi at her place! We got picked up by Hiromi and her boyfriend.

Me, Michi, and Hiromi. ♥

I finally got to meet Marie Amy that night! She is such a sweetheart. I hope we can see each other again soon! :3

The venue for Tokyo Collaboration was Avalon in Hollywood. Really nice place!

We also met DJ Barbie in the bathroom! xD I asked her if we could take some photos with her, and she was extremely nice about it.

I danced with Take-chan all night long! (´▽`)

He also won me this adorable Hello Kitty plushie! Round 1 brought a UFO catcher to the event and it was free to play. Take-chan got it in one try! Thanks, baby! ♥

As Take-chan and I were leaving, we were lucky enough to bump into Chiaki. ♥

And she was with Rayko, who told us that she paid $40 for parking! U.U

Michi took a bunch of really great photos that night, so here are a few of my favorites! Make sure you check out her post for more!

I really love the way her camera takes photos. ^__^

Yummy~! ♥

Me and Roxxi! She looks good as a blonde. ^__^

It feels great to be surrounded by gorgeous ladies. ♥

I love this photo of me and Michi! Gettin' some love~!

And last but not least, me and DJ Barbie! She's so freakin' gorgeous in person. ♥