Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tokyo Collaboration 2011

Thank you so much, everyone, for continuing to support my blog despite the lack of updates! I finished the semester with an A, so now I can finally relax and start posting again! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

A little over a week ago, I went to Tokyo Collaboration with Michi and tons of other cute gals. We had an amazing time! The music was great, and we even got to see some celebrities! :3

Getting ready with Michi at her place! We got picked up by Hiromi and her boyfriend.

Me, Michi, and Hiromi. ♥

I finally got to meet Marie Amy that night! She is such a sweetheart. I hope we can see each other again soon! :3

The venue for Tokyo Collaboration was Avalon in Hollywood. Really nice place!

We also met DJ Barbie in the bathroom! xD I asked her if we could take some photos with her, and she was extremely nice about it.

I danced with Take-chan all night long! (´▽`)

He also won me this adorable Hello Kitty plushie! Round 1 brought a UFO catcher to the event and it was free to play. Take-chan got it in one try! Thanks, baby! ♥

As Take-chan and I were leaving, we were lucky enough to bump into Chiaki. ♥

And she was with Rayko, who told us that she paid $40 for parking! U.U

Michi took a bunch of really great photos that night, so here are a few of my favorites! Make sure you check out her post for more!

I really love the way her camera takes photos. ^__^

Yummy~! ♥

Me and Roxxi! She looks good as a blonde. ^__^

It feels great to be surrounded by gorgeous ladies. ♥

I love this photo of me and Michi! Gettin' some love~!

And last but not least, me and DJ Barbie! She's so freakin' gorgeous in person. ♥


  1. hahahahaha!
    the event looks sooo fun!!
    u look gorgeous that day too!

    *did you slim down?* <3

  2. Hi Tricia - do you need what camera Michi uses?

    Love you both!! Beautiful

  3. congrats with the A! :)
    Ahhh looks so fun!!!!

  4. YAY!!!! you have a A ????!!! how nice is that!!! now party time!!! he he miss you honey ,cant wait to see u!!!

  5. U look so pretty! congrats ! ^^

  6. you all look so gorgeous! I wish I was as pretty and photogenic like you >< my clubbing pics always look so bad T^T
    congrats on the A :D more reasons to celebrate~

  7. congrats for you A achievement !!
    The pictures are sooo nice! It seems to be a really nice party! I want that kind of partys in Spain too! >_< with Ufo catcher for free, amazing!:D

  8. congratulations for A)
    u look so lovely)

  9. Congrats with the A! :O Very nicely done!!
    The party looks soo much fun and you all look amazing.

  10. Waa, you girls look all so awesome!! Just like you are celebrities yourself!

    And congrats to your A in school! Not only cute and beautiful but also inteligent, I like that! XD

  11. Beautiful pictures!! Looks soo funnn! And small world, I can't believe you met DJ Barbie! ❤ I happen to know DJ Beyond and he is friends with her^^ I creep her blog from time to time haha. She is so stylish!!

  12. Very lovely photos, thank you for taking time from your studies to post for us. You look great in every single photo!! And DJ Barbie has such a trendy outfit^^

  13. wow you girls look completely amazing!!!! *o* The pics with your boyfriend are so cute!! *o* You always have so much fun!! I envy you!! I wish I could visit Caliiii

  14. gosh, you gals are so pretty! I'm glad you had fun and kudos for your A!

  15. Winter Gurl - Thanks! :D

    Raspberry Jam - Thank you! ♥

    Kelly - Awww, thanks! xD And oh my, I hope I didn't slim down! I'm already so skinny... Guess I need to eat more! D:

    Anonymous - Sure! xD

    Yapo - Thanks, Yapo! ^__^

    Michi - Yay for summer vacation! I can't wait to do more fun things with you! :3

    Fanny - Thank you! :D

    Emi - I bet you're just being modest! You always look so gorgeous, Emi. ♥

    Akihabara Princess - Thank you so much! ^__^ It really was a fun event. They only have it once a year, which is probably the reason why they totally decked it out.

    Japanese Wife - Thanks! ♥

    Maria May - Thank you! xD

    Thanh Thao - Awww, such sweet comments! Thank you! :3 I hope you're doing well. ♥

    Nana - Woah, that is so crazy! *__* And yeah, DJ Barbie always looks so stylish. I really look up to her! ♥

    Julia - Thanks, honey! ^__^

    Sara Mari - You are always such a sweetheart, Sara Mari. ♥ And I totally wanted to steal DJ Barbie's outfit! xD

    Nenacho - Awww, thanks! You should come visit California sometime! I'd love to hang out with you. ^__^

    Saving Capulet - Thank you so much! ♥

  16. It looks like all that studying paid off! :D Microbio gets in way too much detail for me, haha.

    Congrats & I'm looking forward to more future posts. You guys all look great :3

  17. I mean do you know** what camera Michi uses? hehe

  18. Yaaayyy!!! Doesn't it feel like a load off your back after school's out? (>∇<)

    Omg, I'm so jealous of you guys! I wish I could've gone too - but I'm saving money and no ride hahaha. Glad you guys had fun!! You all look so gorgeoouusss. I miss you ladies (*゜―゜)


  19. First off, congrats on finishing the semester with a A.
    Second, you are just too cute. I love your hair and that fedora too!
    Third, so jelly about that Hello Kitty plushie. I want one! :)

  20. You look so PERFECT!!! Gahhh, your eye make is amazing!! *w*!!!!

  21. Sooo cute Tricia! I bet you all had an amazing time!


  22. You look extremely cuteeeee triciaaa ^^ !!

  23. congrats Tricia^0^!!!

    Your look it's wonderful ;)!

  24. Alice - Awww, thanks! ^__^ And yeah, I had some trouble in Microbiology. My study group and I went to a tutor more than once a week! It was tedious, but there really was no other way. D:

    Anonymous - Unfortunately, I don't. D: I'll have to ask her the next time I see her!

    Mei - It seriously does! Even though it was one class, finishing it was a huge load off of my shoulders. And I wish you went to Tokyo Collaboration! It would've been even more fun with you there! I totally understand money and ride issues, though. Next time, ne! ^__^ ♥

    Serenity Angel - Thank you very much! :3

    Rurouni Inu Girl - Awww, you're too nice! T__T I'm far from perfect, but thank you for your sweet comments! ♥

    Emy - Thanks, Emy! I miss you! D:

    Elisa - Thank you! ^__^

    Kanan - Thanks! xD

  25. Whoooa DJ Barbie is GORGEOUS! You look like a doll as always too :D Place looked packed :)v

  26. yay hope to see you again very soon!

  27. Woooooow ~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ You look so beautiful ~~~ (*uuu*) I want your hair ♥ ♥ It's sooo perfect!! Looks like you had a lot of fun ~~ ! !

  28. Jenny - She really is! *__* ♥ And thank you! ^__^

    Marie - It was so good to see you! :D

    Sari - Awww, thank you! :3


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