Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Galifornia Disneyland Adventure

Man, how long has it been since I last blogged this time? xD I'll just be straight up. School is my number one priority right now, and what little free time I have is spent with my boyfriend or just resting. I have about a month of school left to go, and then I can definitely fulfill my promise of being more active again! ^__^

This post is way overdue. It's been almost a month since the Galifornia Disneyland meet-up, but I still remember how much fun it was! The weather was awesome, too! Sunny all day and not too cold at night... Perfect for watching the fireworks and Fantasmic! ♥

In our Mickey and Minnie-themed outfits! Everyone looked so adorable! :3 From left to right: Me, Michi, Mei, Val, Rina, Leah, and Courtney. ♥

Me and Michi sippin' on our frozen lemonade! ♥

Obligatory "behind the bars" photo. :3

Agepoyo with Mickey! xD We were expecting Mickey to be in his normal attire (which would've been awesome because he would've matched us), but he was dressed in old school black and white! U.U

It got super hot! Maybe because Cass joined us. xD

I love how Steph and Leah had matching outfits without even planning it!

More matching cuteness! :3

And that's pretty much the gist of it. We rode tons of rides and watched both the fireworks and Fantasmic (with special thanks to Mei and Rina for getting us awesome seats). It was so much fun! Hopefully we can do it again soon. (´▽`) ♥

On a side note, I've decided to delete Disqus and stick with Blogger's crappy commenting system for now. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to get Disqus to work on my blog, and when I finally did, it didn't even last that long. U.U


  1. aww tricia i'm glad to see that you're back even if it's just for one post ^^
    you are all so cute in your matching outfits! and what a lovely day to go to disneyland~
    how come your hair is always so perfect *o*
    it's sad to hear that disqus didn't work out for you. maybe give intensedebate a try? it's worth a shot, nothing can be worse than blogger's commenting system, it really is shitty lol
    hope to see more of your posts soon but for now, best of luck with school!! ❤

  2. awww the outfits are superrr cuteee<3<3<3

  3. awww I love that matching outfits, so lovely and sooo perfect for the Disneyland adventure!!


  4. Wow this looks like such a fun day!!
    And you guys are so cute! Reminds me of a Disneyland spread i once saw in a popteen issue <3

  5. you are all awesome! Glad you updated girl <3
    I wanna go to disney land someday too! :D

  6. aww you all look SOO amazing, seriously. *o*♥♥ i'd just love to have a meetup with you guys some day~

  7. Wow! You had a great time there!
    I really want to go TAAAT~~ but I can't yet, maybe in two years *www*~~
    You look totally cute on the pics ~ ♥

  8. I'm so glad you posted this now! I just needed to see some more Disneyland right now hehe! It looks like you had great weather that day, and your shots are so wonderful! Especially that Mickey agepoyo one - I almost died XD

    I'm so sorry we couldn't meetup last week, but I really admire that you put alot of effort into your schooling (unlike me) I hope we have the chance to meetup again soon!!

  9. Aww, now this is what I'm talking about with a Gal Meet! So many times gal meets look so serious... But this really looks like it must have been fun, great photos too ^^

    & You all look so cute~! And colorful x3

  10. It nice to see you are back but yeah school and boyfriend should be number one priority so it's okay that you are not that active :D Just do your best the final month ^^
    All your outfits are soo cute and i think it's really fun that you all thought of a theme for the Disney trip :D Looks like you had a great time ^^

  11. a meet-up in Disneyworld ! omg so coool Iwanna go too !

  12. Everyone looks so cute. I wish we had hot weather here to wear that type of clothing. So proud of you that schools your top priority. Whats your major?

  13. yay!!!! you posted!!! Now we have alot more planning to do!!!! yay!!!

  14. wahh~ the mickey troup looks cuteee ♪
    i love how everyone had matching outfits
    too bad mickey wasn't matching himself ;_;

  15. Aww I missed your posts!
    Good luck with school. There is only 1 month left of school for me too but it feels like 1 year to me XD

    It looks like you had a good time~
    So cute how you gals had matching outfits ❤

  16. I love your outfit! Look so cute!
    Meet-up in Disneyworld, I wanna go T.T
    I hope that you girls have pass a nice day!

    (sorry for my bad english T.T)

  17. Emi - Awww, you are so sweet! ♥ And thanks for the suggestion! If I'm feeling up to it when school's over, perhaps I'll try it. ^__^

    Moodi Bunni - Thank you! :D

    Japanese Wife - Thanks! ♥

    Akihabara Princess - I'm glad you liked our outfits! ^__^

    Grace - Wow, that's very flattering! xD Thank you so much!

    Yapo - When you go, let's go together! :3

    Chinsa - That would be even more amazing! *__* Seriously. If you ever visit Los Angeles, please let me know!

    Suzu - Two years isn't bad! It'd be really nice to meet you. ^__^

    Sara Mari - Awww! xD I'm glad you enjoyed this post! ♥ And man, I was really bummed that I had to miss out on the mini meet! T__T You gals all looked so lovely in the photos. Hopefully there'll be another chance soon!

    Eden - Thanks, Eden! :D

    Raspberry Jam - Thank you! ♥

    Maria May - Thank you so much for your kind words! T__T I will certainly do my best! ♥

    Petit Pain Depice - Perhaps next time! :D

    Mint - Awww, thanks! :3 I already have my Bachelor's in Health Administration. Right now I'm taking the last prerequisite I need in order to apply to either a medical lab scientist or nursing program.

    Michi - Haha seriously! It's gonna be tough, but it'll be so worth it! ♥

    Julia - Yeah, we were a little bummed about Mickey because we waited in line for such a long time! xD But I'm so glad you liked our matching outfits. ♥

    Bommiie - Awww, really? T__T I'm so touched! ♥ One more month left for us both... I wish you the best of luck! ^__^

    Cupcake Chisa - I think your English is pretty good! :3 Thank you so much for the sweet comments. ♥

  18. Looks like such a fun day you had! I love how all of you got dressed up! My friends and I were going to go as Alice in Wonderland characters, but the weather turned out to be way too hot for our costumes! XD

  19. That seems like great fun! I regret not dressing up when I went to Disneyland Japan few years back.
    I'm going to add that to my bucket list -'Dress up in Disneyland'.

  20. oh such kawaii outfits!!! <3 <3 <3

  21. TRICIIAAA!!~~~~ You're on your last stretch until school's over!! Gogogogo! I know exactly how you feel. I'm still actually sick from staying up several nights to finish finals stuff (*゜―゜)

    You know, for the mickey picture? We totally added color back into his life (゜∇゜)

    I think we should do more random full day meets like this~ it's so fun! AND I MISS YOOUU!! ❤❤

  22. Your blog is sooo cute! Btw, I know this is REALLY random, but have you ever been to Homeland in Long Beach? Because either you have a twin or I've seen you there before lol

  23. you girls look so cute! you look like a girl group with your matching outfits ^_^

  24. OMG you're stunning!!!! I'm sure you girls caught people's attention!!! your outfits are super cute!!! *o*

  25. i find it really refreshing to see a lot of Gaijingyarus gathered in one place! and it's Disneyland! really, it's one of my dreams to go to one.

  26. School is such a time-killer amirite? D:

    Too bad I had a vegas trip planned that weekend so I couldn't attend. .__. S'all good, summer's still upcoming. :D

    You look so freakin' stunning as always. [: I love polka dot goodness. <3

  27. You all look so cute! I love how you've all followed the disney theme.

  28. Your clothes look sooo cute and looks like you had superfun! =3

  29. I love your blog! Going to watch ^^

    You guys look damn cute! Did people come up for autographs thinking you guys were the mickey moues crew? xD

  30. awesome photos! ive never beent o california adventure park! <3

  31. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  32. You look so cuteeee!!! You cutiepie ='D! Good luck with school ^^! and just blog when you have the time ='D I'm def. looking forward to your posts ^___^



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