Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review - Candy Doll Strawberry Pink Blush

Today I'll be doing a review on Tsubasa Masuwaka's Candy Doll blush in Strawberry Pink! (´▽`) I bought it at Donki while I was in Japan earlier this year. ♥

The packaging is so cute! Even if I didn't know about Candy Doll, the box alone would've caught my eye.

Though small, the blush comes in a clear pan with a cute design on the front. :3

Really gorgeous bubble gum pink color. ♥

My blush came specially packaged with this nifty brush and case. I always use it when I put on Candy Doll. ^__^

Here are what my cheeks looked like before applying the blush.

And with the blush! This photo was taken with natural lighting. I think the color looks just as vibrant on my cheeks as it does in the pan.

I really caked the blush on my face, but my camera doesn't seem to pick it up very well. It looked much heavier in person!

With flash, you can definitely see the color a lot better. It's funny because when my little cousin saw me that day, he told me I looked like Pikachu! xD

Overall, I absolutely love this blush! It's the perfect shade of pink for me. ♥ Although heavily pigmented, it's not too heavy when applied lightly. The best part is that it shows up well in photos, especially with flash. ^__^ I'd say the only disadvantages are its small size and lack of availability in the U.S. It's a bit more expensive to buy it online, but quite easy to obtain. There's just that anticipation of getting it in the mail. xD

Where You Can Get It

Here are several places you can buy Tsubasa's Candy Doll Strawberry Pink blush. They all ship internationally, but the prices I listed here don't include shipping.

Vivi Diamond Club - $18.99 USD (some countries are blocked)
Shoppingholics - $19.90 USD
Pinky Paradise - $19.99 USD
A Pop of Kawaii - $21.30 USD
Ichiban Kao - ¥1950 JPY

I hope you enjoyed my review! I'll be posting up more this summer. ^__^ ♥


  1. WOW ! The blush is so vivid !
    I seriously thought in one picture you had photoshoped blush cheeks !
    Its so pretty ! :3

  2. That colour really suits you *0*!

  3. It really is a vivid blush! I love it~

  4. You look really cute with this blush! ! I envy you a lot TAAAT~~♥

  5. The blush looks so pretty on you! You look like a doll with it :D

  6. OMG I'm your 900th follower!!! \o/ congrats!

    any way, I love the blush...the pink really draws me in...I love it! so vivid~ I shall try candy doll one day~ orz

  7. This is my blush of choice! I like that it (sometimes) shows up in photos, though as you said it can get quite pink easily XD

  8. so beautiful! the color is so vibrant too! I saw this at the store the other day but didn't pick it up because I wasn't sure how the pink would show up in a medium/tan complexion....So glad you reviewed it ^_^

  9. the color is so beautiful! I have the same shade of that blush but its from LA colors ^_^

    Much Love!


  10. Too much Candy Doll and Dolly Wink ever, it's such a teaser! LOL. I'm very fortunate to be able to buy it 10 minutes away from me, but it's just so pricey >w< Then again, it must be cheaper than brands like MAC or Sephora, right? I'm super tempted to pick up some Candy Doll products. This blush is SO adorable, how can I resist.... nrghhhh!!

  11. thank you for the review and the links - i really don't like tsubasa but the dolly wink items are great :) i think the blush looks good on you - i use blush from canmake but there is to much glitter inside the powder - i think i should try the dolly wink one.

  12. I think the blush suits you very well!
    Love the colour, it's so vivid! ♥

  13. Wow, Tricia, you look so gorgeous!! Thanks for that useful review!

  14. i also have the problem with it not picking up on my camera too ><
    but i love this blush! you can always layer it for a bright pink or go lightly for a softer pink, it's so versatile :D
    it looks great on you~ lol pikachu XD your cousin is so cute!

  15. tricia dear you're so beautiful! ♥♥ the blush really does have a perfect shade as you said~ i'm looking for a nice pink blush as well so maybe i should give this one a try! if i dare to buy it because of the price haha... :'D

  16. Lovely pink blush, suits your skin tone so well! =D

  17. wow, it looks so cute on you! totally want it now xD

  18. You look great! I love that color! but I'm still waiting to finish my blush up. and omg the prices are pretty expensive :((( I could've sworn that they were selling it for 1,000yen at Donqui the other day :/

  19. Woooow it looks really gorgeous on you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ You look so beautiful (T___T) ♥ ♥ ♥ I really wanna buy that now for myself ~~~ (*uu*)

  20. blush looks really cute on you! and i lovee your hairr, how do you keep it so healthy? > <
    and newest follower :3 ~


  21. Wow! It's pretty nice that cute case and brush came with the blush! the color is a huuuuuge pop. :D I hate how it's always hard for blush to show up well in photographs too.

  22. thanks for this review, I like the before/after! Now I see the results, I have to buy it ! oh by the way, the link to the 1st shop (an ebay store) isnt working for me (ebay have countries restriction...) even if they do ship internationally. Hopefully, I'll visit tokyo in 2 weeks so I can get it here for cheaper ^-^

  23. Awww Triciaaa you're so adorable!! I love the way you do your make-up - alwayyyyssss (●´―`●)

    And that's so adorable for your cousin to call you a pikachu, hahahaha. Miss you girl!! Hope to see you some time soon ❤

  24. LOVE this blush, it looks adorable on you~

  25. What a lovely pink!! *o* My friend has it and she's so happy with it!!

  26. Loved the blush! Such a vivid color! It's really cute :3!
    Thanks so much for suggesting websites to buy It =D!


  27. Wow . just discovered your blog ..
    you're so lovely x)
    Obviously you're asian aren't you?
    is it okay for me to ask where you're from or where your parents are from?
    pnai would let me guess from the phillipines? but because of Pie... i had Thailand in mind too...
    i was just kind of wonderin maybe you would tell me :) ?
    Keep your outfits that cute i love it :D♥

  28. Hey cutie!

    You're such a cute girl and a big inspiration, therefore I nominated you for this blog award - http://utsukushiigal.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-awards.html


  29. Chanel - Oh, that's great! It's nice to think that with this blush, you don't need Photoshop to make your cheeks stand out in photos. xD

    Amelie - Thanks, honey! :D

    Kassidy - I really love it too! ^__^

    Suzu - Awww, thanks! :3

    Raspberry Jam - Thank you so much! ♥

    Rinny - You're so sweet! Thank you! :D

    Sica - Yay! Thank you so much for being my 900th follower! :D And I do hope that you can try this blush sometime soon. ♥

    Sara Mari - It's such a lovely blush! ♥ Tsubasa really knows her stuff. xD

    Mishi - Awww, I'm glad that I could help you with my review somehow! I'm sure it would look beautiful on your cheeks. ^__^

    Photoescape - Nice! :D

    Katie - Yeah, seriously! I should've stocked up while I was in Japan. T__T But it's awesome that you can buy it anytime! Around what area do you live?

    Conny - Awww, anytime! ♥ I think it's great that you're willing to give Tsubasa's products a try, even if you're not a fan of her. I don't think you'll be disappointed! ^__^

    Ayue - Thanks! xD

    Thanh Thao - Thank you! And I'm really happy that you found my review useful! :3

    Emi - Versatile is a really good word for it! xD I think I'll be using this blush for a long time... ♥

    Iisa - Awww, thank you so much! I'm glad that you agree with me on this blush. ^__^ I hope that you can try it too!

    Dudu - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Julie - Thank you! ^__^

    Monica - It sucks that it's pretty expensive, but I think it's totally worth it! It should be cheaper for you since you're in Japan, though. :3

    Sari - Awww, thanks! :3 And yes, you must buy it! xD I just know it'll look amazing on you. ♥

    Jennifer - Thanks! :D And my hair really isn't as healthy as it may seem... I don't use any special treatments or anything, just my regular shampoo and conditioner. xD

    Alice - The set came in a really cute box, too, but I had to open it to make more room in my suitcase! U.U

    Petit - I'm glad I could help! ^__^ And thanks for letting me know about the first link I posted! I'll put a note about it on the side.

    Mei - Awww, thank you! T__T ♥ And I miss you too, girl! We still have to do our duet! :D

    Hachi - Thank you so much, love! ♥

    Nenacho - That's great! :D I think every gal should have this blush. ♥

    Aoko - I'm glad you enjoyed my review! ^__^

    Vivichen - Awww, thank you! And I'm originally from the Philippines. :3

    Rii - Oh my, thank you so much, Rii! T__T ♥ I'll blog about it in my next post! :D

  30. Oh you look so cute with that blush >___<

  31. OMCC (oh my cute!!) (´▽`) ❤
    ne ~ ♪


  32. I love your blog! You're so cute :) Where do you purchase your candy doll makeup?

    P.S. Please take a look at my blog if you have time :)

  33. I gave you a blogger award cutie :3 http://woxje.blogspot.com/2011/06/blogger-awards.html


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