Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Presents From Emy

I thought I'd take a break from blogging about my Japan trip and catch up with what's been going on since I returned to California. Almost two weeks ago, I met up with my good friend Emy to hang out and go shopping. ♥ She helped me pick out some cool stuff from ANAP for my upcoming giveaway! More details about that later. ^__^ So while Emy and I sat down to eat at Curry House, we finally exchanged Christmas presents with each other. xD She got me a super cute Liz Lisa top, Dolly Wink bottom lashes, and a pink kamipita! Thank you so much, Emy! (´▽`) If you want to see what I got her from Japan, check our her blog entry. So here was my outfit that day:

Hat: Maison Gilfy
Off-shoulder top: One Way
Tank top: One Way
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Fake fox tail: Ank Rouge
Legwarmers: Golds Infinity
Boots: Chinese Laundry

At Curry House with Emy! I had chicken katsu, and she had ebi fry. ♥

The following week, I wore the top she gave me to hang out with Take-chan. It also has really cute bows on the back! ^__^
Top: Liz Lisa
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Boots: Zara

I recently started wearing my new Candy Brown lenses from Pinky Paradise, and I absolutely love them! ♥

It's always good to have extras of these lashes. xD


  1. You are so beautiful!
    I ♥ your blog!

    P.S.Follow me please.
    xo <33

  2. OMG you're too cute wowooww I look so fat and chinky in your pic lol ohwell!

    Glad you loved the top it's too cute on you♥

  3. YOU ARE SO PRETTY! Arghhhhh jealous! >_<"

  4. kawaii, love the outfits u put together ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  5. You're just way toooo cuteeee (^▽^) ❤!! And your outfit is cute as well =D

  6. You are a stunner and I love your outfits! Especially that woolly hat it's sooo cute!!!! I love your blog!! ❤

  7. I loooove Curry House. Those lenses look so pretty on you Tricia!

  8. I really love your first outfit!
    So stylin~

  9. I love the first outfit best n___n The hat and the legwarmers, so cute together!!

  10. Oooh~ Lots of love for the first outfit, very cute <3

  11. your outfits are so cute tricia♥
    especially loving the first one ^ o ^
    the furry leg warmers are cute~!!
    you && emy look pretty :3

  12. Katie - Thank you! ^__^

    Emy - No you don't, silly! You look so much cuter than I do! U.U

    Line - Awww, thanks! ♥

    Hitomi - Thank you! :D

    Elisa - Thanks, honey! :3

    Lolly - You're so sweet. ♥ Thank you! ^__^

    Mandie - We should go sometime! And thanks! :D

    Shawna - Thank you! xD

    Suteisi - Hee hee... Thanks! I'm glad you like the outfit. ♥

    Eden - Yeah, everyone really likes the first one! :3

    Haylee - Awww, thanks! ^__^

  13. mecha kawaii~<3 XD ohh I see your Liz Lisa fukubukuro carrying case<3<3 I asked my fam in JP to buy me the Liz Lisa fukuburo and Im still waiting for em cant wait! X3 you look super kawaii love your hair makes me want to dye my hair light again lol :D Have great time in JP make happy sweet memories there~<3

  14. LOVE you LOOK! Im happy you had fun with your friend emy! She looks nice!

    xoxo emimarie

  15. I looooooove your style so much!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ It's sooo cute!!! The Liz Lisa looks so cute on you I'm really jealous XDDD I try to get my LL clothes also to be little saggy but I'm tall (not REALLY tall but tall 8D) so they don't look as cute on me as they do on you T____T XDD ♡ ♡ ♡

  16. waaa, I love those outfits, especially the second one, so cute!!!
    and Emy sounds like a sweet girl, I reallylike that pic with the two of you, it makes me miss my friends T^T

  17. You two look so amazing together, I envy you for your style and WOW @ the gifts - Liz Lisa AND Dollywink *O*

  18. You look so cute and your outfits are stunning <3
    Hope you and Emy had much fun ^o^

  19. awww Im so jealous !
    Such cute presents ~❤❤❤
    You look stunning in those outfits ~

  20. I love your first outfit so much! It looks so good on you!

  21. I really like the second outfit! ^^

  22. Honey. I love, love love your style ^^ <3
    you are so cute <33333333333333
    Please visit my blog : suiprincess.blogspot.com .
    thanks so much cutie

  23. I loooooove your outfits so much!!! ❤
    The first and second styles are different but both suit you so well!
    And the lenses are really nice too *o*

  24. I like your outfits, those are always so cool <3
    And you're beautiful!! *o*

  25. Your outfits are always so great, and suit you well! I'm jealous of how the fur leg warmers look on you, they make your legs look thinner while on me its the exact opposite XD

    Oh the Candy lenses are so nice, they look really great on you!

  26. lovely things you got *_*;;~
    and i really love the elgwarmers in your outfit~
    those are very nice! ♪

  27. Your outfits are so gorgeous and
    your style is amazing!
    I'm thinking about buy these lenses, what do you think? What's your oppinion about the lenses?
    Thank you very much lovely!

  28. I love both your outfits, you have such amazing style! Those legwarmers are fierce! ^_^♥

  29. awwww such a cute outfit!!!!!!!!!!! miss you~ lets chill soon~ like chill not walking allover the LA~ XD LOL ha ha

  30. i'm so jealous..i always love all your outfit!!! i wanna steal all your clothes x)

  31. you always be looking so cute and pretty Tricia! i love that first outfit, i really love the leg warmers..... i seriously need a pair, and im jealous of how you can rock Liz Lisa, i think it wouldnt match me ... ;_;

    btw, i want to visit Anap one day! :D maybe when i go to LA (hopefully soon) <3

  32. Miss XOXO - Thank you very much! :D

    Eki - Thanks for visiting my blog! ^__^ And wow, you got more than one Liz Lisa fukubukuro? I think it's so awesome of your family in Japan to buy them for you! I'm sure you will look very lovely in all the clothes. ♥ And I'm so curious to see you with light hair! You should go back to it! xD

    Emi Marie - Yes, she's quite adorable! :3 And thank you! ♥

    Coco - Awww, thank you! ^__^ And yeah, that's the only problem with Japanese clothes... They're usually free size! U.U But even though you're a taller gal, the clothes still look very beautiful on you! ♥

    Charlotte - Thanks so much! :D And I wish you could meet Emy. She's such a sweet gal!

    Anna Crystal - Hee hee... Thanks! ♥ I was amazed too... She gave me really nice presents! I'm so grateful. T__T

    Mika - Thank you! ^__^ We didn't get to hang out for too long, but we certainly had fun! ♥

    Mirai Moro - I'm very lucky to get such nice presents! T__T And thanks! ♥

    Glorry - Thank you! :D

    Rocking Doll Museum - Thanks! xD

    Black Sui - Thank you so much! ^__^ And your blog is really cute! ♥

    Besa - Awww, thank you for the sweet comments! :3

    Meri & Anni - Thanks! :D

    Sara Mari - Awww, you're such a sweetheart! And I'm sure that fur leg warmers would look great on you! ♥

    Julia - Thank you! ^__^

    Suzu - Thanks so much! And I think that the lenses are really good! They're very soft and comfortable, and I love the effect that they have on my eyes. ♥

    Mika - Thanks, honey! :3

    Michi - LOL! Yeah, seriously! I was so tired after all that craziness. U.U Let's definitely hang out again soon! I miss you too much!

    Shabwouina - Oh no! xD

    Super Rabbit - Thank you! :D

    Janis - Awww, you're such a sweetheart! Thanks, Janis! ^__^ I'm so curious to see what you'd look like in Liz Lisa, especially with your pretty pink hair. I think you could pull it off! And whenever you come and visit us in LA, I'll definitely take you to ANAP! ♥

  33. I love your first outfit! Legwarmers looks very warm and soft <3 and you look great with them!

  34. oh you are always so pretty <3 I love your coords!

  35. Cale - Thanks! ^__^

    Rikku - Thank you! ♥

  36. you are so CUTEE :) I just discovered your blog and I'm in love with it already! :) Let's be friends :)

  37. You are ridiculously cute. Frank must love it. ^_^

  38. Your outfits looks great ☆!!!
    OMG! I almost bought those ZARA boots yesterday but there weren't any in my size u_u!

    The food looks yummy =3!!
    Glad you both had a wonderful time ♥!
    OMG! Liz Lisa and Dolly Wink ♥!! The t-shirt is adorable!!! WoW! You got a Liz Lisa fukubukuro! Lucky you =3!!!


  39. /reply/ If I am correct the mirror part is quite easy. I have a candle light thingie with two opposite mirrors, so it looks like I have 40 instead of actual 4 candles burning. I don't know if it's just about having two mirrors opposite eachother or to have some kind of special mirror though!

  40. Emily - Awww, thank you so much! I'd love to be friends. ^__^

    Kameko - Oh, I didn't know that you had a blog! Hee hee... Thanks! ♥

    Aoko - Oh no! I hate falling in love with a pair of shoes and then finding out that my size isn't available. ~__~ And yes, I was very lucky to get the fukubukuro! ♥

    Rocking Doll Museum - Wow, that's pretty cool! xD Another thing I liked about the mirror scene was how her reflection moved differently. It's a simple effect, but really fascinating to me! :3

  41. Ah seeing your beautiful lenses makes me so sad I accidently tore my Candy Green lenses this week. I SHOULD REORDER haahaa

  42. Oh no! D: The lenses are so soft that they must've torn quite easily. I hope you can get a new pair soon! ♥


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