Monday, July 25, 2011

Tokyo Tower & Kite's Poppin' Class

Now that my internet is working normally again, I can finally update! :D This time I'll be backtracking to my Japan trip earlier this year. ♥ On one of our last days in Japan, Take-chan and I visited Tokyo Tower. It was pretty scary since I'm afraid of heights, but it was a really good experience! :3

The view from the street. Tokyo Tower is so tall! *__*

We only went up to the mid section of the tower and we were already so high up! (゚д゚)

Trying not to freak out while taking this photo...

Such a beautiful view! I'm sure it looks even prettier at night.

After Tokyo Tower, Take-chan and I headed over to Shibuya to meet up with our friend. We ate at this amazing ramen place that was pretty close to 109. I forgot the name of the place, but it was the best ramen I've ever had! ♥ And the soft boiled egg was so amazing... *__*

My tummy was very happy. :3

After ramen, the three of us went to Harajuku to kill some time before dance class. Do you recognize this famous bridge? :D

Crepes are definitely one thing you need to try while in Japan. ♥ Oh, and that's my friend in the background. xD

And last but not least, Kite's poppin' class! He's quite a famous dancer in Japan. One of the best! And he's super nice, which made his class very enjoyable. ^__^

We even bought his crew's t-shirts! They're called Former Action, a three-man crew consisting of Kite, Madoka, and Isi.

If you've never seen Kite dance, check out this video! It's of a dance battle he won at a poppin' competition in France. Plus he's wearing the shirt I got! xD


  1. haha looks like so much fun :3 omg that crepe looks deliciouss

  2. awww tricia, its always great seeing pics from tokyo, thanks so much for sharing! ^^ (yuoure making me crave crepes like crazy now tho haha~)
    plus.. thats the #1 dance competitions i would loooove to see one day, cant remember how they spell the name of it so i wont on here but yeeeppp *_____*

    take care girl!

    (from )

  3. You look absolutely stunning in those photos! *_* your skin is freaking flawless! -hides- I got this crazy sunburn on my nose, making it flake and the skin peel off like crazy. It even left burn-wounds : ( *cries* I look retarded now and ongoing for the next 2 weeks.

  4. Woooow~~ The tower looks so amazing!! That glass thing where you're on looks super scary on the other hand!! I'm also scared of heights and I would've probably freaked out XDDD ♥♥♥ Ahhh~~ crepes ♥♥♥ So good ~ !! I miss them alot.. Hahah LOL at the guy on the background of the crepe pic XDDD ♥♥♥
    I'm happy to hear that you're gonna blog again!! I missed you~~~~ (^--^) ♥♥♥

  5. The pictures are amazing!^^
    You have a very happy charisma! <3

  6. I'm way too cheap to pay to go up the Tokyo Tower so I am just going to enjoy your amazing photos instead hehe! And the crepe ughghg, looks so yummy.

    It's really awesome you went to a dance class while here, now that's making the most of your travel!!

  7. Yuna - Japan really knows how to make good crepes! :D

    Keikk - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! ^__^ And dance competitions are always so much fun to watch! Hopefully you can attend one in the near future. ♥

    Nani - Awww, thank you! :3 And I'm sure you still look pretty even with the sunburn. ♥ It's crazy that it left burn wounds, though! Poor you... I hope it heals soon. >__<

    Sari - Yeah, I was totally freaking out while Take-chan was taking that photo! As soon as he took it, I got out of there as fast as I could. xD And you're so sweet! I miss reading your posts and sweet comments! ♥

    Mitsuki - Thank you! ^__^

    Sara Mari - Awww, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! It's funny because like you, Take-chan never went up Tokyo Tower (until that day) even though he's spent so much more time in Japan than I have. xD And the dance class was so fun! There are so many amazing dancers in Japan, and they all have many valuable things to teach.

  8. Oh Tricia, glad you spent such nice day in Tokyo! I really hope to see you again, whether it will bein California or in JP <3

    I'm just like Sara, I was at Tokyo Tower many times, but never payed to go up, haha! I always go to Shinjiku Tocho to experience almost the same view for free, haha.

  9. aww you are too cute girl !

  10. Naww sounds like you had a wonderful time over there! Love the photos by the way~ :D

  11. UGH it hurts real' bad! : ( and ever since I was a kid I can't stop picking wounds. They always leave terrible scars because I can't stop picking them.. it's gross and a really bad habit. -restrains self- It will leave the side of my nose VERY red even after healing, but I will try to take good care of it and not pick in it so much >_<" *ties own hands on back* I must resist!
    Thanks so much btw! And girl.. nothing seals the deal of an entry like food porn! HAHA <3

  12. wow you look so cute in these pictures.
    I really love the crepe *O*! I want one now....
    <3<3<3 kisses#sui

  13. you are too cute for words and i love your purple jacket, whoaa it must have been scary to be all the way up there D:!

  14. Tokyo Tower was one of my favorite attraction, if not THE one, of my trip to Tokyo. I'm definitely going back next time!

    The ramen looks good +w+ I had some really awesome ramen in Shibuya as well!

  15. aww you're such a cutie as usual! ♥ love the cap~

    the ramen and crepes look so delicious... *q*

    and omg i want to go to poppin' class too!! i've always thought poppin' is so cool haha! :D

  16. ooowoww, you're so brave to sit in the glass thing ! Scary XD you look so cute in that big t-shirt :3

  17. You look stunning like always tricia :D ! lovely pictures, looks like so much fun :D

  18. aww you look so cute!
    i always see people jumping on those transparent floors to see if it would break, i don't know why they're so crazy! my heart already stops just looking at the photo you took ><
    yay crepes and ramen, looks so yummy ^^
    kite is so cool! his poppin is so smooth

  19. Tokyo Tower! Such a beautiful place & you look so cute on the glass floor :D

  20. Aww! You're lucky! We want to go to Tokyo too!
    You're cute ^^

    Oni & Giri <3

  21. Finally I have found your blog again!!! ;___;

    Awwhh, Tricia, you look sooo cute, I love your happy smile and thank you for the nice pics! I'm missing Japan so much! >___<

    XOXO Lou

  22. Tricia, you are always looking so cute!!! XD omg that crepe looks too cute and perfect to be real, looks like a toy! XD id be so scared to look down if i was up in Tokyo Tower, im scared of heights.. and that ramen looks so tasty! i want some now!!

  23. I've honestly never been to Tokyo Tower in my life :O! it looks amazing! but yeah I agree with Janis because I can't stand heights >< I heard the view is amazing though!


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