Monday, July 25, 2011

Tokyo Tower & Kite's Poppin' Class

Now that my internet is working normally again, I can finally update! :D This time I'll be backtracking to my Japan trip earlier this year. ♥ On one of our last days in Japan, Take-chan and I visited Tokyo Tower. It was pretty scary since I'm afraid of heights, but it was a really good experience! :3

The view from the street. Tokyo Tower is so tall! *__*

We only went up to the mid section of the tower and we were already so high up! (゚д゚)

Trying not to freak out while taking this photo...

Such a beautiful view! I'm sure it looks even prettier at night.

After Tokyo Tower, Take-chan and I headed over to Shibuya to meet up with our friend. We ate at this amazing ramen place that was pretty close to 109. I forgot the name of the place, but it was the best ramen I've ever had! ♥ And the soft boiled egg was so amazing... *__*

My tummy was very happy. :3

After ramen, the three of us went to Harajuku to kill some time before dance class. Do you recognize this famous bridge? :D

Crepes are definitely one thing you need to try while in Japan. ♥ Oh, and that's my friend in the background. xD

And last but not least, Kite's poppin' class! He's quite a famous dancer in Japan. One of the best! And he's super nice, which made his class very enjoyable. ^__^

We even bought his crew's t-shirts! They're called Former Action, a three-man crew consisting of Kite, Madoka, and Isi.

If you've never seen Kite dance, check out this video! It's of a dance battle he won at a poppin' competition in France. Plus he's wearing the shirt I got! xD

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anime Expo 2011 & Vocaloid Fashion Show

This past weekend was Anime Expo, and I was really lucky to have been chosen as one of the models for a Vocaloid-themed fashion show! ^__^ A big thank you goes out to Tune in Tokyo for letting us do the fashion show at their after party, to Q Pop for lending us the clothes, and to Mandie and Oli for successfully organizing it! Some of the brands featured included Algonquins, Putumayo, Sex Pot Revenge, and some others.

Michi added to the make-up I already had on, and this was the result. She works wonders! I don't think I've ever worn make-up this heavy before. xD

You can probably guess which Vocaloid character I was... Hatsune Miku! ^__^ The pigtails weren't attached yet, but here I am with the lovely Steph. ♥

Marie as Rin! Isn't she cute? :3

Kanae joins Marie as Len. They were just too adorable together! ♥

With Michi, our make-up artist for the night! :D

And of course, with Mandie! She let me borrow her wig. ♥ She also got to watch the Vocaloid concert! I'm so jealous. *__*

The whole group. Everyone looked so good!

Here are some photos from Michi! :3

Man, her camera takes such awesome photos! I love the lighting here. ♥

The outfits were so nice. *__*

Haha... Look at Marie! :3

Posing for the crowd. xD

Overall, Anime Expo was pretty chill. I didn't get to go around as much as last year, but it was still a lot of fun. ^__^

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sponsored Review - Princess Mimi Circle Lenses in Chocolate Brown

Today I'll be reviewing the Princess Mimi (Bambi) lenses that Pinky Paradise was kind enough to let me choose! I've been seeing them everywhere, and I just had to get a pair of my own. ^__^ Here's a little info on Pinky Paradise:

❤ Great choices. 350 plus choices of circle lenses, ranging from natural series, enlarging series to cosplay series.
❤ Ready stocks. Products will be shipped out in 1-3 days.
❤ More than just circle lenses. Pinky Paradise also carries lashes, mascara, facial mask, BB cream, etc.
❤ Pinky Paradise is "your eye make up one-stop online beauty store."

And now on to the review! ^__^

Princess Mimi Lenses in Chocolate Brown
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

These lenses by Geo Medical and Tsubasa Masuwaka became pretty popular, and I've seen tons of other gyaru models and gaijin gals wearing them. :3

They came earlier than the expected 14-25 working days in a securely packaged foam wrap. It also came with an animal lens case and kamipita.

It's a really interesting design! To be honest, I didn't like them all that much when I first saw Tsubasa wearing them. I think they just eventually grew on me. xD

Close-up shot of the lenses in natural lighting. I was pleasantly surprised with the way they looked. ♥

They really stand out. I'd personally only wear them for more dramatic looks.

These lenses are huge! I think 14.5mm is better for me after all. U__U

With flash! Now you can really see the color and design of the lenses. Pretty, aren't they? ♥

Color & Style: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★☆
Enlarging Effect: ★★★★★

No doubt, these lenses are gorgeous. They really make your eyes pop, and the color is so vibrant! ♥ The only thing I was really disappointed in was that my vision was slightly blurry the whole time I had them on. I think it might've just been a defect with one of the lenses, because the second time I wore them, my vision was perfectly fine when I had just the right one in. As soon as I put in the left one, my vision became blurry. So I won't be wearing these lenses at all... U__U It's a shame because they're really nice. Other than that, they're great!

Update: Pinky Paradise kindly contacted me about sending a replacement lens, and they also informed me that defective lenses are rare (less than 1-2% out of the whole production). They were very understanding about the situation, and are willing to follow up with anyone that contacts them about defective lenses. ^__^

Another thing I really liked about these lenses is that you can check if they're authentic on the Geo Medical website. It's really easy to do! You just have to scratch off the "anti-fake" sticker on each individual lens bottle, and input that number into their forgery checking system.

If you decide to buy any lenses from Pinky Paradise, be sure to use this coupon code for great benefits: swtiepiepnai

Here's what you'll get:
❤ Customers are entitled to a FREE cute animal lens case, PLUS a mystery gift.
❤ The coupon code can be stacked. If you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases, plus 3 mystery gifts.
❤ A minimum of 1 lens must purchased to activate the code.
❤ The code has no expiration date.

Thank you so much for looking at my review! ^__^