Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea

Hello, everyone! I fell off the face of the earth for about 4 months, but now I'm back! Or at least trying to be. It's the same story up until now. School has taken over my life. I'm just trying to finish everything so I can finally start working as a lab technician. I'll still be busy this entire summer with two internships, but at least I won't have any homework or tests to study for. That means more blogging! ... Hopefully. U__U

Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, I changed my Blogger account (and just about everything else) to a more easy-to-remember name:

I've had the other username for so long, and I just felt like I needed a change. But anywho, I gotta backtrack all the way to the beginning of this year and get all caught up with my posts!

So let's move on to the fun stuff: Tokyo Disney Sea photos! It's amazing how much cuter the Disney merchandise is in Japan. The Minnie Mouse ears are either frilly, sparkly, or both! xD I wanted to buy everything, but sadly I had to pick and choose.

Gorgeous display just inside the entrance to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

One thing I disliked about Disney Sea: the incredibly long lines! U__U Take-chan and I got in line for Journey to the Center of the Earth, and after waiting for an hour and a half, we didn't even get halfway through! So we ended up leaving the line and getting fast passes instead.

Our awesome lunch. How did they do that to the egg yolk?!

The cutest dessert ever. ♥

Outside of Indiana Jones. Didn't get to ride it because why? The line was too long again! U__U So we ended up just walking around the whole time.

Two girls with tons of cute plush keychains adorning their backpacks!

And then we went "under the sea" to Ariel's cove.

Kiddy rides galore! It was nice and warm inside too. ♥

And then we were FINALLY able to get on this damn ride. Really fun, just super short.

After that, we were ready to go home. It was getting really cold and we already bought all the merchandise we wanted. xD Stay tuned for the next post: Celebrating New Year's in Japan!


  1. I have to agree that Japanese Disney merchandise is so much cuter than the American stuff. Your Minnie hat is so cute with the polka dots! I definitely want to visit Disney Sea next time I go to Japan! ^^

    PS How did they do that to the egg yolk? That's amazing!

  2. When you visit Disney Sea, you're gonna want to buy everything! xD And I have absolutely no idea how they shaped the egg yolk into Mickey Mouse. I tried doing a quick internet search and couldn't find anything. U__U

  3. So, so jealous! I wanna go there too :)

  4. Awww Tricia you two are cute as always! Hope you had a wonderful time xx

  5. crying because i thought you deleted your blog omg XD

  6. Looks so amazing!! ♥♥♥♥ I've never been to Disneyland (T__T) I should go XD ♥♥ AH, it was the same thing at the Universal Studios Japan!! We were queuing for hours to one ride!! (T__T) That sucks!
    I missed you~~~ I'm glad you're back!! ♥♥

  7. Yeah, you should definitely go next time! The merchandise is so cute! :3 And it's so nice to hear from you again. I've been so busy lately... I will try my best to catch up with you! ♥

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time~ Great to see your posts again! c:

  9. I really laughed about this lovely egg! Haha, have no idea how they did it.

    Nice to see you back (:

  10. Yay, so happy to see a post from you Tricia! <3 That dessert is so precious and your Mickey hat is adorable! I really hope to visit Tokyo Disney Sea one day. 

  11. omg disneysea! all i remember from there are the long lines too ><
    you look so cute! and you're so brave for wearing a white jacket to a theme park lol
    i never knew you were trying to be a lab technician! you're the prettiest scientist i've ever seen haha ;) i'm trying to get into that field too but the starting pay here is so low, makes me think about going back to school >< 

  12. Awww, thanks for continuing to follow me after all this time! T__T Make sure you bring tons of cash when you visit Tokyo Disney Sea, because the merchandise there is crazy adorable! *__* ♥

  13. LOL! Yeah, I wore that jacket quite often while I was there... And then I noticed it was getting really dirty after a few days. T__T

    And you're making me blush! :3 But once you go into lab, I'm gonna have to argue that you're the prettiest scientist around. ♥ Are you doing clinical lab as well?

  14. LOL! Yeah, I wore that jacket quite often while I was there... And
    then I noticed it was getting really dirty after a few days. T__T

    And you're making me blush! :3 But once you go into lab, I'm gonna
    have to argue that you're the prettiest scientist around. ♥ Are you
    doing clinical lab as well?

  15.  Of course! Oh don't I know. BUY ALL THE DUFFY THINGS.

  16. haha but white lab coats and lab goggles makes almost everyone look unattractive as hell XD
    my major basically leads me to a clinical lab job but the pay here for that is just a bit over minimum wage...i feel like it's a waste to settle for that after so many years of school :/ i'm thinking of going back to school to focus on forensics but man...more school = =ahh and congrats on getting 2 internships! i thought i wrote that earlier oops >< 

  17. Yeah, lab coats and goggles aren't the prettiest, that's for sure. xD You can't even wear that much make-up either!

    But I can't believe that it's only a little more than minimum wage over there! If you have a Medical Lab Technician license, a job at Kaiser will get you a minimum of $25 an hour starting. A CLS license will get you even more (around $40, I think). Even just being a lab associate with no license whatsoever is about $15 an hour (working graveyard, though) at a reference lab like Quest. But then again, I've been working a minimum wage job for years, so anything is a big boost for me. xD

    Forensics sounds so much cooler, though! Whatever path you choose, I wish you the best of luck! ^__^

  18. Ah what wonderful photos, makes me feel like I am there again haha! I hope I'll get to go again on my next trip too hehe XD Luckily I have never waited that long for a ride (because I don't think any are worth it, sorry Disney!!) Thanks for sharing all the cute photos!

  19. that's so good! most people i know with a degree start around $11-15 and they sometimes have to work graveyard too. i think the market for science is bigger down in the states...i should've done my major there ugh too late now :( but thank you! best of luck to you too with your internships ^^

  20. Yeah, it totally wasn't worth waiting for. It was a good ride, but only when you have a fast pass for it. xD When are you going back to Japan?

  21. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I totally forgot that you lived in Canada! >__< Damn... If only licenses were transferable internationally. U__U

  22. I went to Disney Tokyo a few months ago and went to a character buffet and noticed the Mickey yolk too! It had me guessing on how they made it too!



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