Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bubble Punch Fashion Show at Japan Endless Discovery

Another super old post coming up! xD Today's entry is about Bubble Punch's fashion show at the Japan Endless Discovery event. This took place all the way back in early March at the Grove. ^__^; The fashion show featured all different kinds of Japanese street styles, and I was part of the gyaru section. It was a really fun experience! It was my first fashion show in a while. Plus I met a lot of new people that day! ♥

Curly hair everywhere! xD With Cyril of Dolldelight and three of her gorgeous models: Anz, Haylee, and Ane!

Cindy was a model for the Sanrio fashion show. ♥

Gorgeous mori girls! :3

Our amazing fashion show coordinators: True Mee and Michelle of Bubble Punch!

I absolutely loved the pastel colors these ladies were wearing! They look so cute together. ♥ Not sure who the person is on the far left, but the others are: Angela, Sami, and Oli!

Marie Amy, Tina, and Paloma looking gorgeous in black! And then there's me trying to fit in. :P

Ari always looks so amazing!!! *__* ♥

As usual, Julie looked insanely adorable. Gotta love the overload of pink! xD ♥

That's it for now. Next post will be about a much more recent gyaru meet-up!


  1. everyone's outfit is just :O loving it~~

  2. Awww Tricia, I totally miss hanging out with you. :( I definitely need to meet up with you again soon! It's been tooooooooooooo long. :P

  3. Yes, all of the models looked amazing!

  4. Right?! xD That's why I love going to fashion shows like this. It's fun just to look at everyone's outfits!

  5. OMG, Dolly!!! ♥ I miss hanging out with you too!!! If you're free tomorrow, there's going to be a little gal meet-up at Round 1! :D

  6. I'm not sure if you know or not, but I kind of had a falling out with Michi so it'd be awkward to show up :X But anyway, I would definitely love to meet up another time! :D

  7. I totally forgot about that. I apologize! D: Let's plan something else for another time, then! ♥

  8. I like these "old" posts. It's nice to reflect on all the fun things I've gotten to do with you chickadee! <3

  9. you look so beautiful <3 , and all the girls rock their outfits <3

  10. New follower here!
    These photos are so awesome! I love seeing the different styles ^^


  11. Everyone looks super cute! Marie's outfit is really cute!

  12. Awwww really cool ^^ Such awesome people ^^
    Love Emi

  13. Everyone looks so beautiful! Thank you for sharing pics and for providing links to blogs =O
    You look very cute by the way <3

  14. Nice event! A lot of pretty girls and lovely outfit! :D Where did they held the event?

    btw, do you mind following each other? I'll follow you first of course! I hope i'll hear from you soon!


  15. Hello hun, nice blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Let me know what you think.


  16. so much fun..wish i was there..

    xoxo Wengie


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