Friday, April 8, 2011

Dance Until You Drop

Once again, I've been pretty inactive on Blogger lately. School and work has just been keeping me really busy! And on top of that, my family and I just moved to a new place, so that was a total energy-drainer in itself. ~__~ Anywho, I really want to catch up with reading and commenting on everyone's blogs! :3

So last Saturday, I went with Take-chan and my little brother to World of Dance 2011! I unfortunately didn't get a chance to take any photos because there were so many things going on, but I had a lot of fun! Take-chan also performed on the big stage! ♥ He's part of Culture Shock Los Angeles, and I think they did a really good job with their set. ^__^ Check out the video! At the beginning, Take-chan is the person behind the MC to the right. You can also see his poppin' piece at 3:51 (he's the tall one in the middle). ♥

Last night, my friends and I went to Playhouse in Hollywood. It was so much fun! Since we knew one of the promoters, we were able to get into the club for free, including a table with free bottle service! The music was so good too. Even though it was totally crowded like the clubs in Vegas, we just couldn't stop dancing. xD

Before heading to Hollywood, we grabbed a quick drink at BJ's!

Love these girls. ♥

Blame it on the Goose. ♥

Everything was going well until a small fight broke out towards the end of the night... Some drunk girl tried to punch this guy, and then things got a little rowdy. The security was able to quickly break up the fight, but my friends and I got caught up in the middle! We tried to move out of the way, but there were so many people that we got tossed around like pinballs. ~__~ What's worse is that I opened my purse to check my phone right before it happened, and some of my stuff fell out (including my credit card)! Luckily, I was able to retrieve everything. U.U

But you know what? It's all good because we got to see...

Apl.De.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas! *__* He performed their latest song "The Time." ♥

We bumped into him as we were leaving, so naturally I asked him for a photo. I'm so sad it came out blurry! (*´д`*) But the upside is that he invited us to his after party! I wanted to go, but one of the girls had work at 6AM. U.U Maybe next time!

By the way, I have a question for all the Disqus users out there! I installed it on my blog, but then I noticed that the comment link only shows up for the main page. If I go to my previous entries, the link mysteriously disappears. Does anyone else have this problem too?


  1. Aww you're so lucky!!! Glad you had fun :)

  2. ohhh.. this sounds so much fun!!

  3. Haha, it's so cool that you were invited to his after party! : D You SHOULD have gone.. seriously.. All those epic people and contacts you could've met.. Daymm girl..

  4. Yeah I have a problem with my comments not showing up also! I've googled it to see if others have had this issue and haven't found much luck on how to fix it! That's why I had to get rid of Disqus :( it's a great system but that was the only flaw about it!

    Aw, looks like you had tons of fun! ^o^ love the makeup n hair!

  5. whoa shet o__o
    whaa this seemed to be such a fun and exciting night!!

  6. oh wow! im such a huge fan of BEP! it must have been quite an experience meeting APL! did you tell him that you're Filipina? :DD

  7. How fun looking ♥

    But I'm sorry... I can't think of Apl.De.Ap without thinking of that hilarious skit they did of him and Taboo on SNL lol.

  8. Oh it looks like you've been up to so much fun stuff, the photos are great and I love that outfit you wore^^

  9. It looks like u had a blast! :) You honestly have such NICE hair!! :)

  10. Got invited to go to the afterrrrpartay 8) you look so fly

  11. Waaaaaa~ <3 Loved the video! Your boyfriend is pretty good. Almost inspires me to pick up popping again haha.

    Glad to see you had a fun night for the most part :D Super cute outfit too <3

  12. looks like so much fun!! thanks to you, now i feel like partying too! XD

    as always, you look so beautiful and you hair is just flawless! ♥♥

  13. take-chan looks so cool! that's really good choreography ^^
    you look very pretty as always~ and that girl in the club is so brave...punching a guy...
    i've never had it happen to me for disqus, that's really odd. did you put it on the most bottom right side in the design? ><

  14. Awww Great!!
    i love your hair!! ^^

  15. uwaaaaaa!!! Tricia you look so classy O.o jealous again >.< hhahahahah!

    ...and uhhh!! :DDD
    I wonder if he can speak tagalog >.<

  16. Sounds like you had a blast! You all look *gorgeous*!

    I hope you're able to recover from moving soon~

  17. you look gorgeous like always ^^ !!! And it looks like you had loads of fun hihi =D

  18. sounds like you had a lot of fun!! ♥

  19. You look amazing!
    I really love your hair style

  20. Tricia you look so cute!!
    I love your hair style
    and your outfit ~♥

  21. Oooo ~  ~ ♥ ♥ You look so CUTE ! ! T____T ♥ I love your hair so much ~ ^---^ ♥
    Whooo ~ I'm so jealous you got to meet him!! That's so cool!! *---* Looks like you were having alot of fun there!! 8DDD ♥
    I'm so happy you got to retrieve all of your belongings T___T The feeling is so horrible when something drops in a crowded place!! And I'm also glad that you didn't get hurt in that fight O___O;; Drunken fights are so scary ! !

  22. That's so cool that you met Apl.De.Ap! Did you hear about how he's legally blind? I think it's amazing how he's achieved so much, even though he can't solve his eye problem! :D

  23. how great that you met Apl.De.Ap! *v*
    seems as if you had lots of fun:3
    I wish there would be such cool parties here too<3


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