Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

I've noticed that tons of gals use Blogger now, and for the longest time, I've been stubborn like an old woman. On top of that, there isn't a way to make certain entries private, which is a feature I really liked from LiveJournal. Then I thought about it... What is there to hide? If I ever encounter any serious problems, I'm not one to publicly rant about it. Even though there will always be speed bumps, many wonderful things have happened in my life, and there are so many people that I'm lucky to have in it. Plus, I need to have some sort of medium for my love of being gyaru! It'll be a great way for me to meet and connect with more gals, too. ^__^ And with that, I present to you my brand new blog! ♥

Latest photo of me!

That's pretty much it for now! More updates to come! ♥


  1. Yay :) I admit though, I did like how LJ had the privacy thing going on and I do wish that blogger would have that feature soon. But I'm overall glad you switched :D

  2. Baby girl , stalking you ! Still haven't told me what those feather photos are for ~

  3. You've finally joined the dark side >) !
    And looking gorgeous as always bb ♥

  4. *followiing* aww, that pic is so sweet! : D
    I hope to read some entries soon! I should do the same..I've been months without writing anything on my blog... xDU

  5. I kinda understand the feeling of not wanting to leave LJ. Had it myself too. I really didn't think good of blogspot at first. :D

    But I'm glad you are using it too now~~ Following you :)

  6. Welcome on blogger Tricia! ;D And thx for following <3

  7. Sugoi ! I've used blogspot before but nothing compares to the usability of wordpress in my opinion. Wordpress FTW ! ;-P Looking forward to seeing posts ;-)

  8. Oh hello <3 I fell inlove with your blog, Im Yapo, filipina and starting gyaru, I love your taste and im so glad I stumble here <3~

  9. Monica - Awww, thanks! :D

    Janis - Yay! Awww I miss you, Janis! ♥

    Val - LOL! Those feather photos are just from random camwhoring with my pink feather boa! xD

    Eden - Yup! It was bound to happen sooner or later, right? :P And thanks! ♥

    Dilia - Thanks, honey! I will surely update as much as I can. ^__^

    Yuki - Awww, thank you so much! ^__^

    Chizuka - Anytime, girl! Thanks for the warm welcome. :D

    Mookxi - I totally forgot about Wordpress! I've never used it before, but I'm sure it's awesome. ^__^ Also, thanks for visiting my blog! ♥

    Yapo - It's nice to meet you, Yapo! I can't believe that you're only starting gyaru. You're such a natural at it! ^__^ Thanks so much for supporting my blog! ♥


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