Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tired of the Sweet Style Yet?

LIZ LISA's popularity boomed this past spring and summer, and by now I'm sure that most gals are tired of seeing the same flowery coordinates. However, I can't seem to get enough of it! And it's been getting pretty hot again lately, so I figured I could get away with it. xD

My dad told me that we were going out as a family this past Monday, so I dressed up! The only problem is that we ended up not going... So I pretty much wore this outfit just to play video games all afternoon. xD I'm definitely going to use it again sometime! I'll probably wait until next year, though.

Hat: Off brand
Top: Liz Lisa
Dress: Liz Lisa
Boots: Charlotte Russe

Daytime lighting is the best. ♥

I also received my package from YesStyle on Monday! It was my first time ordering from them. It was really easy! Although shipping was a bit expensive, my package arrived in less than a week. (´▽`)

This is the only thing I bought. They're actually shorts! xD

Gotta go back to studying now... ~__~


  1. wow that skirt (that's really shorts loll!) is REALLY cute! love it! and i know what you mean about flowery coordinates. half of my wardrobe consists of floral print! i like liz lisa too! just like your cute outfit, i love pairing my denim button up tied around floral pieces :)

  2. girl love your outfit soo nice :D
    your sooo gyaru :D

    xoxo emi marie

  3. Oh you suit sweet style so well, so just keep rocking it XD Besides I think a lot of western gals still really like it because its more approachable. You can always make some rock x sweet styles ^_~ haha!

  4. I can never find anything to wear at Charlotte Russe (at least , the ones around here) ... & then randomly they have the MOST fabulous shoes *o* especially yours !

  5. No not tired at all~~ :P
    This style suits you the best :) You are like made for it hehehe ♥

    I want to try ordering stuff from yesstyle too. :o

  6. Hi ^^
    I love your style, you look super cute *.*
    The skirt it's really pretty.

  7. Hi, you look super cute ♥.♥
    I love your style ^^

  8. Aww you look cute (: Is it still that warm over there? Here.. it's all cold >:

  9. i started following your blog!
    you're very pretty and your style is so cute~! ♥

  10. so cute you! I went to 109 yesterday and told my friend as we were walking past LIZ LISA that I would never be able to pull it off. that sucks that you got ready for nothing. :( I would've gone shopping :D


  12. oh wow Tricia! sweet style suits you sooo well :) actually you look great in all styles .... im jealous.. T-T

    i love that skirt (shorts!) OMG IT'S SO CUTE.. i haven't shopped at yesstyle before, but I always see cute stuff on there! Great find! and I wish I had Charlotte Russe around here, those shoes are adorable!!

  13. i love this outfit ♥
    you're so pretty ♥

  14. Eloïse Dao - Thanks a bunch! ^__^

    Juvy - Awww, I'm glad that you still like floral prints too! If we ever meet up one day, we'll probably end up matching without even planning it. xD

    Emi Marie - Thank you! :D

    Sara Mari - Hee hee... Thanks! ♥ I'll definitely experiment with putting rock and sweet style in the same coordinate. I'm especially inspired after reading your post about it! xD

    Val - Yeah, I totally know what you mean! I don't even really buy stuff from Charlotte Russe that much, but it's always fun to browse just in case. ^__^

    Yuki - Yay! I knew that at least you wouldn't be tired of it after seeing the lovely dress your mom made. ♥

    Aiko - Hi there! Thanks so much, honey. ♥

    Mizu - Thank you! :3

    Chizuka - Thanks! :D And it's actually raining here right now... ~__~ The weather's been so bipolar lately. It was really hot when I was wearing this coordinate, though! xD

    Alina - Thank you so much for following my blog! ^__^ You're also very pretty! I'm going to follow you too. ♥

    Monica - You're right! I totally should've gone shopping... But it's good that I didn't since I need to save anyway. xD

    Miri - Me too! :3

    Janis - Awww, that's so sweet of you to say! T__T ♥ Thanks, Janis! But wow, you don't have a Charlotte Russe in your area? That's ridiculous!

    Phony - Thank you so much! :3


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