Sunday, November 28, 2010

Honor Flow Productions at the Roxy

Last Sunday, I performed with Honor Flow Productions at the Roxy in Hollywood! ♥ Honor Flow Productions is a group of extremely talented individuals that produce real hip hop music. It was such an honor to perform with them! You can learn more about them on their blog, and you can also show support by downloading their music.

My outfit for the night! I wanted to look extra glamorous on stage. ^__^
Hat: Love Culture
Top: Express
Shorts: H&M
Tights: Target
Boots: Chinese Laundry

I tried to go for a more dramatic look.

Take-chan came to support me! He even requested the day off from work. ♥

If you're interested in listening to the song I was featured in, you can find it here! The lyrics were written by DJ Chuck. All I did was sing it! :3 If you like the song, be sure to support Honor Flow Productions by checking out their other great songs. ♥


  1. Wow, you have a beautiful voice! I totally wasn't expecting such a sexy voice, dayum girl!! Congratulations on the performance :D

    And you looked HOT ♥
    Of course you look lovely in the sweet style, but I gotta admit I love this glamour style on you >)

  2. FMG!! You have such a beautiful voice ^^
    Smokin outfit too!

  3. HOT ! ♥

    you're a veery good singer too, wow!

  4. So jealous Tricia! Beautiful AND talented! *_*

  5. Amazing outfit ♥ And really good performance~~ I was so surprised haha! Not that I thought you're a bad singer I just wasnt exepting you to perform like that :D You look very confident too :)

  6. hello! I just wanted to say thank you for commenting my blog! also, I loove your blog! you are so pretty *__* I'll definitley follow you now! :)

  7. OMG we should sing together!! XD ♥
    ...Naw I'm still too nervous to sing in front of a big crowd other than some close friends. T_T A friend is willing to hook me up with an agency but...

  8. Zomg! You do have a beautiful voice! I was like "saaayyy whhaaaaattt!!! GET IT GURL!" lol <3

  9. Awesome look **

    Your voice is gorgeous! I love it!♥

  10. You're style is always PERFECT! and beauuutiful voice! <3

  11. I knew there was a reason why the plays on Make A Run For It for higher than usual when I looked @ the Bandcamp stats today, lol!!! Thank YOU!!!! That song would not be would it is without you.

    I may have wrote the hook, but you gave it it's life.

  12. Oohh you'r dress is so shiny, I love it ^^

  13. Emi Marie - Thank you so much! :D

    Eden - Awww thanks, Eden! ^__^ Your words are so encouraging. ♥

    Yara - Thank you! :3

    Naomi - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Chinsa - Thank you! I'm so glad that you think so. ^__^

    Dolly - Awww, you're making me blush! xD

    Yuki - Hee hee... No worries! I'm happy that I was able to pleasantly surprise you. ♥

    Rikku - Anytime! ♥ And thank you for following my blog too! :3

    Kathy - Girl, you sing?! xD That's awesome! You need to make use of that talent! ♥ It certainly is scary to go up on stage, but you'll eventually get used to it. I wanna hear you sing sometime! ^__^

    Nami - Awww! xD Thank you so much! ♥

    Bommiie - Thanks, love! ^__^ ♥

    Cale - Thank you for the lovely compliments! ^__^

    Chuck - LOL! Awww, I'm really happy to hear that! I'll always be thankful for being able to work with you and the rest of the guys. ♥

    Tasja - Thanks! I love shiny things too! :3

  14. hey.... just want to say i love that outfit. looks amazing on you!


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