Saturday, December 4, 2010

Japan Trip Set

I can't believe it's actually happening. My lifelong dream to visit Japan is going to come true very soon, and I'm so lucky to be able to share it with the person I love most! ♥ Take-chan and I are booked to leave in early January, and we'll be staying there for a little over a week. I'm so excited! :3 I'm also really hoping to meet Charlotte and Sara Mari while we're there. ♥

Take-chan and I had a date yesterday! We can only see each other one or two times a week, so we usually just go out to eat and do fun things like play video games and watch movies. Here is what I wore:

I wish I had a fake fox tail to add to this coordinate! U.U
Hat: Maison Gilfy
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Puffy
Boots: Charlotte Russe

I love this Gilfy hat that Take-chan bought for me! ♥ But lately my younger brother has been asking to borrow it, and he stretched it out! (*´д`*) Hehe... It's okay, though. xD

Tonight, my family is having an early Christmas party with our relatives and family friends. I can't wait to eat tons of good food! ^__^


  1. Im soo happy for you! take alot of picture! Im very happy for you! one day i will go to ne :D have fun and dont forget to get me something was a joke ne! I hope that wasnt a bad joke if it was a bad joke gomen nasai!! :D have fun ♥ dont forget to take picture :D im very happy for you :D

  2. woah!
    that outfit is so lovely!
    i'd wish i had a skirt/shorts as that ; w ;
    they are so cute!

    and omg. you'll go to japan!
    i think you two will have lots of fun!
    enjoy that trip ♥

  3. awsome corde! :3 and OMG Japan trip ftw!!! pls take as many photo as you can ^_________^ ~ I get really excited if someone tells that they're going in Japan and I wish a part of me will go there too. im so happy for you and your sweetheart ^^

  4. Oh gosh I'm excited for you! Be sure take as many pics as you can! ^.^ I hope one day my dream will come true of going there as well.

    Your coord is soo friggin cute! love love love love it! I'm drooling right now b/c of that hat! *0*

  5. you have so great sense of style hun!!♥ love your outfit AGAIN! *ww*

    omg i'm so jealous, i want to travel to japan too! T_T but you and take-chan, have an awesome trip!!♥

  6. hello, and thank you for commenting my blog <3

    I think I've said this before, but you have such an amazing style! *__*

  7. awww it's so great that you're going to japan! :D i hope i'll be able to go there some day too~!

    btw, your boots are just love love love! ♥

  8. awwwyou're so happy going to japan*0*

    btw your outfit looks gorgeous*0*

  9. Your outfit is perfect!
    I'm in love with your boots! <3

    You're so lucky to go to Japan! I hope you'll have a lot of fun but that you won't spend ALL your money haha

  10. wow. ur going to japan in january.. good luck.. LOL .. it was hella cold when i went last year.

    but anyways i love ur style. it's so gyaru~

  11. Omg you look so sweet girl! *__* <3

  12. I can't wait to meet up with you, it's going to be so exciting!! Especially since its your first trip to Japan, you will be seeing so many new things, it's a really amazing feeling.

    Now-a-days I dread traveling to Japan a bit, mostly about the long horrible 3 layovers flight I have TT And then my apartment in Tokyo is so freaking cold in January. So cold you don't even want to undress for a shower haha!

    I love this coordinate because of the black and brown combination! The skirt is really sweet, but the hat is cool and the way you combined them just works perfectly XD

  13. Cute ass coordinate ♥

    And that's so awesome you're going to Japan, HAVE LOTS OF FUN AND TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES :D !! I heard winter time is the best time to go because it gets wayy too hot there in the warmer months.

    You gotta let us all know what it's like a first time visiting Japan, I'm so curious :3

  14. Totally jealous Tricia! Can't wait to see pictures after you come back from Japan!

    Btw, totally cute outfit, love the boots!! See you soon! :D

  15. I'm very happy for you!!
    Next year i'm going to tokyo too ><
    I can't wait to see all the photos that you are going to make ^^

  16. aww so lucky to go there!!
    I wanna nd need to go again... ;_;
    enjoy it and take a loooot of pics!!

    about ur outfit, just perfect! love ur hair!

  17. I love your style!! You have so much lovely clothes, and you're so pretty :3

  18. Very cute ^^
    and I love your hair curls :D

  19. your blog is so cute! im a new follower! your so lucky your going to japan! but you will probably fit in! your style is soo cute

  20. OMG you're coming?! Do you know when? If it's the end of the month of Jan, let's meet :D

  21. I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but you really look like Ya Tou from Hey Girl! Cuuute!


  22. Can I ask how old are you? :) You're so very cute ^^

  23. have a nice trip <3333
    blog about your trip!!

    take tons of photos!
    enjoy! <3333333333

  24. you are awesome! so cute <3

  25. You must be so excited ^^ I already know you will take lots of pics! :D
    Your outfits always look so cute! ^o^ And yes, a foxtail would be nice~~ You can buy tons of those on your trip haha.

  26. Oooh~ I hope you will have lots of fun in Tokyo! (*^O^*)/♥ I'm really looking forward to your photos and purchases from there.

    And I love your outfit here (^3^)♥ Your hair colour is so great~

  27. lol.. im waiting for you to update ur blog.. haha hurry.. lol .. i love this blog . it's one of my faves. do u know pinksugarichigo? ur from her circle aren't u

  28. oww I'm so jealous to all the people who are going there next year~ ;A; I'm too you with no money haha. But enjoy your trip~ ♥

    and omgg you are so cuuute~ X3♥

  29. *jealous of all the people, and too young with no money XD hahah my brain isn't working atm, sorry~

  30. have fun in japan!!! I also want to go :( and your outfit is super cute ^^. I'm your new follower btw. follow back? :)

  31. Emi Marie - Hehe... No worries! It wasn't a bad joke at all! I really wish I could buy presents for everyone, but I need to win the lottery first! xD

    Julia - Thanks, Julia! ^__^

    Yapo - Awww, you're so cute! :3 Thanks so much, Yapo!

    Nami - Thank you! And I'm sure that your dream will also come true one day! Then you can get a Gilfy hat too. ^__^

    Chinsa - How sweet of you! I'm so honored that such a stylish gal likes my outfits! ♥

    Rikku - Thanks, love! :D

    Alina - I'm sure you will eventually get to go to Japan! Where there's a will, there's definitely a way. xD

    Shou - Thank you! ^__^

    Shabwouina - Wow, calling it perfect is such a nice compliment! Thanks!

    Tutti Patuti - Man, I really hope I can survive in that cold weather. And it doesn't help that I live in California. ~__~ Hehe... But thanks! ♥

    Sanna - Thank you! :3

    Sara Mari - I'm really excited to meet you too! ^__^ We need to talk more about it sometime soon. ♥ And damn, does it really get that cold?! I want to be able to shower... xD Also, I'm glad that you like my outfit! ♥

    Eden - Take lots of photos? You can count on me! Hee hee... xD

    Dolly - Awww thanks, Dolly! If only I could take all of my Diamond Gals with me... T__T

    Aiko - Thank you so much, Aiko! :D And I'm happy that you'll be visiting Japan too!

    Hiki - Thanks, honey! ♥

    Meri & Anni - Hee hee... Thanks! ^__^

    Hitomi - Thanks for following me! ♥

    Tasja - Thanks, honey!

    Bunny - Thank you for following my blog! I still can't believe that I'll be going there next month! I sure hope I can fit in easily. ^__^

    Monica - Yes! I'm leaving on the 6th and coming back on the 17th. I hope you'll be there when I am!

    Anonymous 1 - I've never heard of her, but thanks! xD

    Anonymous 2 - I'm old enough... D: And thank you!

    Kelly - Thank you so much! I will certainly blog about it when I get back! :3

    Anonymous 3 - Thanks! xD

    Yuki - You already know! xD I'm just worried if fox tails will still be trendy in Japan when I get there...

    Zhizhi - Thanks, honey! ^__^ ♥

    Tutti Patuti - Awww, that's so sweet of you! I haven't been updating because of finals, but now that I'm done, I'm going to blog again very soon! ♥ And yes, I definitely know Janis! We're both in Diamond. ^__^

    Laura - Awww, thanks! You're so cute. ^__^ I'm sure you will also visit Japan someday! ♥

    Phony - Thank you! :D

    Elisa - Thanks, Elisa! And I'd be more than happy to follow you back! :D


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