Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hot Mess

I just got back from Holiday Hot Mess, presented by Tune in Tokyo and my lovely Diamond Gyaru Sa! ♥ Despite the misfortune that fell upon me earlier (my car wouldn't start and I still don't know what's wrong with it T__T), I had tons of fun! The only crappy part was having to leave early because my parents came to pick me up. ~__~

I finally got to meet my Diamond sister Bambi!!! She flew in from Japan, and she's so pretty in person! Just like in her photos. ^__^ She's a total sweetheart, too! ♥

Me and my Diamond sisters! This was taken after our interview with UTB (United Television Broadcasting Systems). Val did a great job handling the interview on the spot!

Before I knew it, it was time for everyone to change into their clothes for the Star Couture fashion show! I got to wear this really cute nordic print sweater with fur boots from Venti Anni!

Me waiting backstage with the gorgeous Dolly! I loved the way she did her hair. ^__^

Me and Grace!

Hiromi getting ready. She's always so bubbly! :3

With Mandie, a really sweet and pretty girl that I got to meet! She really worked it on the runway. ♥

Kiki! Such a sweet girl. ^__^

Cici always looks amazing no matter what she's wearing. ♥

This is Jenny, one of the managers of Star Couture! She was very pleased with the fashion show. Videos soon!

Awww... The two boys that always support me no matter what. My younger brother and Take-chan! ^__^ ♥

He's so dreamy! :3

So I bet that by now, you're totally diggin' the huge bows on all the models. They were all made by Mie! I told her that she should start selling them. I would totally buy one! ♥

Julie was looking good as usual. *__* ♥

Snagged a photo of Marissa and her sister before they left! They're both so cute!

Hana and Hiromi.

And Maiko!

I wanted to take more photos (especially of the venue), but we were extremely busy with the fashion show and interviews! I'm also hoping that someone will upload a better video of the fashion show, because the one on my camera is pretty dark. It's too bad because it was taken at such a good angle, too. U.U

Lastly, I wanted to say a big thank you to my Diamond sisters for all their hard work and for understanding my car situation, Tune in Tokyo for being the DJs of the night, Royal/T for the awesome possum venue, Ejen Chuang for taking photos all night, and to everyone else that made this event yet another success! ^__^

I also got a Lovely Blog Award from Chinsa! I'm so honored. *__* Thank you very much! ♥


  1. so many beautiful gals! ♥ mie really made good job with the bows, they're so cool! *-*
    hehe i fell in love with your red nordic print cardigan! :D♥

  2. I love those huges bows! *w*
    And i also love your outfit ^^
    Great and funny pictures.~

  3. Wahh so pretty, all of you! Diggin the bigass bows as well~ xx

  4. Omg, how awkward your parents had to pick you up >< lol.. Hope your car problems are better now~~

    And you looked beautiful bby ♥ Love the bow! but I gotta know how did you balance that big thing on your head, haha :P

  5. arf! I love these big ribbons! Everyone looks very cute! <3

  6. omg love your boww :D merry x-mas to you ne :D
    xoxo emimarie~

  7. Woaw!! Looks like it was a success!! Everyone looks great! The big bows are so cool +W+ !!!

  8. It was so great to see you and re-meet you last night, hahaha!

    ❤ You look gorgeous~~~!

  9. Wah! It looks like such fabulous fun, Diamond always has the best events! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, its the next best thing to being there.

    The big hair ribbons are so cute, and its a really smart way to create a theme for the fashion show.

    That's so cool Bambi came all the from Japan, and Valentine looks so cool. Your coordinate suits you so well. Argh everyone looks too good XD

  10. omg you are so adorable~ (ж>▽<)♥♥ everyone else is looking super cute as well~ seems like it was fun X3♥ and I love that red nordic print cardican of yours, red looks so good on you !

  11. oh that put me in the xmas mood now :) Shan Shan xx

  12. I love your nordic print cardi! ❤ Your blog is one of my favorites~

  13. you look so pretty ^^ !! y'll look so pretty :D omg !!! lovely large bow xD

  14. Waaah! You're all so gorgeous *__* And I love the big bows, totally want one ^_^

  15. your camera always makes me look so gross TT__TT sigh... but yeah the event was fun! and I'm glad the fashion show worked out!

  16. thanks for your quick comment dearie! merry christmas!! hope your christmas goes well hehe and your bow is totally lady gaga status right now. LOVE IT. cutie pie hehe

  17. aaawwww thank you!

    you look so absolutely beautiful!*_*
    I widsh I would look abit like you<3

  18. Chinsa - I fell in love with it too! I wish I could've kept it. U.U

    Meri & Anni - Thanks! :D

    Thanh - Thank you! ♥

    Raspberry Jam - Thanks, honey!

    Eden - Yeah, it was weird telling everyone I had to go because my parents were outside. ~__~ Thanks for worrying about my car, though! It's not fixed yet, but hopefully soon... ♥ And since the bows were made out of tulle, it was easy to stick a bunch of bobby pins through them! xD

    Cale - Thank you! :3

    Emi Marie - Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you too! ^__^

    Suteisi - Yes! It was a total success! Thank goodness. xD

    Mei - I'm glad I was able to bump into you before you left! ♥

    Sara Mari - Awww, that is such a sweet thing to say! I hope that one day you can attend a Diamond event. It would be a huge honor to have you there! ^__^

    Laura - Thanks! I'm glad that you think so. :3

    Shan - Awww, I'm glad it did! :D

    Wen - What an honor! Thanks for following my blog! ♥

    Elisa - Thank you so much! ^__^

    Mika - So you want one too! Like I said, she totally needs to start selling them. xD

    Grace - Whatever, girl! You always look great! Although your camera does take way sexier photos. xD I'm happy you had fun at the event, though!

    Monica - Hee hee... Thanks! :D

    Shou - Awww, you're so sweet! But you're already so pretty! ♥

  19. You're so adorable ~  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I absolutely adore your style ~ I'm soooo jealous of your hair ha ha ~  XD I want the same color as yours  ~ ♥

  20. Thank you so much! :3 We should trade hair colors, because I'm jealous of yours! ♥


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