Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating My Birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth

Take-chan kept saying that he had a big surprise for me on my birthday, and the only hint he would give me was to dress warm. As soon as it hit midnight, he told me that he bought two park hopper tickets for us to go to California Adventure and Disneyland! I was ecstatic! (´▽`) Here's my outfit rundown:

Minnie ears: Disneyland
Leather jacket: Express
Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Converse

First we went to California Adventure!

... To see Duffy! :3 This huge one is so cute! ♥ It's too bad you can't dress him up. U.U

Duffy arrived! Since it was early and there weren't too many people yet, Take-chan and I had an entire photoshoot with him. xD

Awww, so cute! He was really friendly. ^__^

As you can see, I have a Duffy of my own now! Take-chan bought him for me. ♥

After seeing Duffy and riding a few rides, we went over to Disneyland. All of the Christmas decorations were so pretty! *__* ♥

The employee that took this photo was like, "It's my birthday too!" I felt bad that she had to work, but she looked happy anyways.

Camwhore... U.U

Take-chan being silly. xD

This Santa Jack was so cute!

And this fluffy snowman too... Why is everything so cute?! *__* ♥

Taking more photos while waiting to be seated for lunch. ^__^ Have you noticed our new Mickey and Minnie Santa hats? ♥

Freakin' gorgeous decorations!!! It makes all these photos frame-worthy.

Finally... Chicken and rib buffet! *__* This pretty much kept us full for the rest of the day.

They had live entertainment at the place we ate. There's the stage (also beautifully decorated)! ♥

Pluto! :3

Sorry to all the Jessie fans out there, but I find her to be extremely annoying! So I couldn't help but crack up when Take-chan and I saw this as we were crossing the bridge to the castle:

LOL! Someone obviously doesn't like her either. U.U

So cute! It's amazing how Disney can make a skeleton so lovable.

And Zero, of course! ♥

We got tired pretty early (probably because of our food comas)... There were so many people too, and we were starting to feel a little claustrophobic. We ended up leaving the park for a few hours to watched Tangled... Best princess movie ever! *__* ♥ And then we went back to California Adventure to watch World of Color for the first time. It was nice, but we had to sneak past the employees to get into the good viewing area because we didn't know that we needed fast passes for it! ~__~

All in all, I had tons of fun! I also got many birthday wishes from my family and friends! Thank you all so much for making me feel special on my birthday! T__T ♥


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3
    everything is just cute and pretty I wish I can visit those places too!!

    you guys simply look amazing \:D/ and it really seems like you guys had a really really good time :D :D im very happy for you both <3 :)

    PS: awesome outfit is AWESOME!

  2. Again, Happy Birthday Tricia!!!

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!! It looks like you had sooooo much fun!!

    Totally want to go to Disneyland now~ I want those Mickey/Minnie santa hats!!!! *mad jealous*

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Your outfit is super cute and just perfect for a day at Disney! I think that is a great way to celebrate XD

    I got a Duffy hip pouch thing, and I'm planning to get the regular one too (way cheaper here than in Japan XO) But I feel like I am just falling into the fad rather than just getting what I personally love hehe.

    Oh those Jack Skellington items are too cute, love em^^

  4. Happy Birthday dear!!

    That is so romantic and sweet of your bf, and honestly can't think of a better place to fit you guys :D Love those Christmas minnie/micky mouse ears!

    And ughh, I hated Jesse too. She was so obnoxious and had the most annoying voice u_u

    So.... expecting to see a disney theme wedding from you guys sometime soon. I could totally see it ♥ !! (And it goes unsaid, but you looked absolutely beautiful as always~)

  5. happy birthday again <3 (unless I forgot to tell you fb)
    and your bf is sooooo sweet...and tall :O
    i'm glad you had such a great time! i haven't been to disneyland in a while because i'm waiting for my bf to get here -x-
    and I love the Jesse picture. hahaha

  6. Once again, Happy Birthday Tricia~!
    You guys are so lucky you live near Disneyland and can just go down whenever. Dx

    *needs to go back sometime*

  7. Oh, I didn't notice that you finally have a blog! So happy about that cause I love your style and you're just so cute!!

    Happy belated birthday! You looked amazing! I love the pictures!

    You're coming to Tokyo?? Yea, wanna meet you too :33

  8. Happy B-day!!!!
    You look so sweet in th photo, you past a goos time ^^

  9. Happy late Bday! :D Such a cute photo's! ^^

  10. Happy b-day!! ^w^ Aww, you're so cute :3
    And i like all these pictures what you're sharing in here! Very nice~

  11. awwwr! I'm so jealous! ;_; I want to go to Disneyland!
    I love your pic with Duffy! both are cute! haha! <3

  12. happy birthday~! ♥♥
    all the pics look so nice! the colors and lightning are so good! is it just that you have a damn good camera or do you edit the colors etc. afterwards? :D

  13. Happy B-day!!♥
    And sorry for being late x.x

    It looks like you two had a lot of fun, that's so nice~♥

  14. Aaw, your outfit is so cute! and I'm super-envious of your visit to Disneyland :O

  15. happy belated bday~ ♥ awww you're just so adorable X'3♥
    and looks like it was fun 8D

  16. happy belated birthday!♥♥

    aww you're so cute and beautiful, just can't get over it haha~ your skin tone is just gorgeous btw! *-*

  17. Ahh lucky! my boyfriend is shorter than me XO but oh well. thanks :3 I really want a Duffy doll and you can only get it there so I'm dying to go. Really recommend the brush because I feel like my hair feels more clean while I dry my hair :D feel great!

  18. HOW EFFING CUTE ARE YOU?! :D aww happy birthday!!!! your bf is sooo sweet to surprise you with those tickets!! and alllll your pictures are ADORABLE! who cares if it's camwhoring?! DO IT! :D it's memories ;) and your make up and outfit is just PERFECT!

  19. oh what a cute gal!!! I love your blog design! I'm your new follower <3 :D What cute pictures of you and your BF! <3 Yeah I love Disneyland!

  20. A Disney Christmas is always crowded but beyond worth it!! Adorable photos, looks like you guys had a blast! I love ALL the limited edition Christmas plushies and so on!!! They're 100x's better than the "normal" versions :D

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had mad fun!!

    You look so adorable in all pictures you're in~ xx

  22. OMG Tricia... you look so amazing in these photos. Looks like MAGIC! I LOVE this outfit on you and I love how everything matches you XD

  23. happy belated birthday!

    ur boyfriend is awesome! ^^ hehehhee...
    u look sooooo happy in the photos.. <3333

    i love the minnie santa hat <3

  24. you got a Lovely Blog Award from me!♥

  25. Yapo - Thank you so much, Yapo! ^__^ It was definitely one of my best experiences at California Adventure and Disneyland!

    Dolly - Thanks, Dolly! I had lots of fun! One of these days, all of us Diamond gals need to go!

    Emi Marie - Thank you! :3

    Sara Mari - Thanks a bunch! Hee hee... I was actually planning to wear heels before I knew where we were going, but I'm glad he told me so that I could dress accordingly. xD I've also noticed that Duffy is quite a popular in Japan, which was why I was so curious to see him. Luckily, my experience with Duffy was a very good one, and I absolutely adore him now! ♥

    Eden - Thanks for the birthday wishes! ^__^ I really am lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend. ♥ But wow, a Disney-themed wedding is such a cute idea! Just as long as Jessie's not part of it. xD

    Monica - Thank you, Monica! :D And yes, he's pretty tall! Or I'm just really short. U.U But I like it that way! ♥ I hope that when your boyfriend arrives, you both have a lovely time in Disneyland as well. ^__^

    Kathy - Thanks, honey! ♥ If I lived any closer to it, I'd get an annual pass! xD

    Rii - Awww, I'm so happy to hear that from you! I've always thought you were such a lovely gal. Thanks for following my blog too! ^__^ And it would be amazing if we could meet in Tokyo! ♥

    Aiko - Thank you! :3

    Chizuka - Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. ^__^

    Meri & Anni - Thank you so much! ♥

    Cale - Hee hee... Thanks! :D I'm sure that one day you will get to visit Disneyland too. ♥

    Alina - Thank you, Alina! ^__^ I always use the same digital camera. I think that the outdoor lighting is what really made these photos look nice! I also edited them slightly by making them brighter and sharpening the them.

    Bommiie - It's okay, sweetie! Thanks for the birthday wishes! :3

    Mika - Awww, thank you! :3

    Laura - Thanks, Laura! I love Disneyland. It's always so much fun! ♥

    Phony - Thank you! ^__^

    Chinsa - Thanks, Chinsa! Those were such lovely compliments. ♥ And thank you so much for the blog award! :3

    Monica - Awww, that's so cute! Do you tend to wear flats because of the height difference? And Disneyland is too cunning when it comes to marketing. The biggest reason why Take-chan and I went to California Adventure was to get the exclusive Duffy plush toy!

    Juvy - Thanks so much, Juvy! I'm glad that you're able to tolerate my camwhoring. xD

    Lou - Thank you! ♥ I'm so happy that you're following my blog! ^__^

    Jenny - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I've always enjoyed reading yours, so it's quite an honor! ♥ And yes, I'm really happy that we went despite the tons of people that were there. Everything looks so nice when it's decked out in Christmas stuff!

    Thanh - Yay! Thanks for the birthday wishes and for following me! ^__^ ♥

    Monica - Awww thanks, Monica! I'm happy that you think so! ^__^

    Kelly - Thanks, honey! He totally surprised me! I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. ♥

  26. What a wonderful surprise! You look adorable, I love your outfit <3

  27. Indeed it was! xD And thank you so much! ♥


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